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The Loopy (Japanese: ルーピー Hepburn: Rūpī), subtitled My Seal Computer SV-100, is a 32-bit home video game console by Casio released exclusively in Japan in October 1995. It was unique in that the marketing for it was completely targeted to female gamers, however, the console was discontinued in 1996 (almost a year after its creation).

Sometimes stepping outside your comfort zone isn't the smartest idea.

Why it Flopped

Sales numbers for the console are not known, but the discontinuation of the console is rumored to be because of poor sales, citing the small demographic the console was aiming for, and the limited library of eleven games, those being:

  1. Anime Land
  2. Bow-wow Puppy Love Story
  3. Dream Change: Kokin-chan's Fashion Party
  4. HARIHARI Seal Paradise
  5. I Want a Room in Loopy Town!
  6. Little Romance
  7. Lupiton's Wonder Palette
  8. Chakra-kun's Charm Paradise
  9. Caricature Artist
  10. PC Collection
  11. Magical Shop

Redeeming Qualities

The console features a built-in thermal color printer that is capable of making custom stickers from screenshots in-game or through special sticker making software sold separately. An accessory known as the "Magical Shop" was a video capture device that could take images from VCRs or DVDs and could work with the thermal printer to make stickers based on the captured photographs.




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