Car Wash Tycoon

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Car Wash Tycoon
Sometimes, even originality can fail.
Genre: Simulation
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 2
Release Date: September 29, 2006
Developer: Aqua Pacific
Publisher: Phoenix Games

Car Wash Tycoon is a game developed by Aqua Pacific and published in 2006 by the infamous Phoenix Games for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 2. It is one of the few Phoenix Games titles not based on a movie or not to be a rip-off of another game.

Why It Sucks

  1. Boring, laggy and awfully slow gameplay. It seems completely random when and how many cars come. There can be moments where no one will come to our car wash, while in other moments there will be too many cars to manage.
  2. The tutorial is extremely long and annoying, which is unforgivable considering that other games like Theme Hospital are much more difficult and have a much shorter tutorial.
  3. The employees' faces are badly modeled and look very creepy.
  4. No reason to play this game, as there are some flash games like this that look and play much better.
  5. When potential customers pass by your car wash, you will be able to ask them: "How much do you want to have your car washed from us?" The answer will be expressed as a percentage. The problem is that almost nothing can influence this value (for example, you can ask someone to pay you $1,000 for washing his car, and he will accept)
  6. The developers conveniently forgot to protect the files in the PC version. For example, we can set customers to pay us thousands of money for a wash, or to set one employee to work better than ten employees like him with half the payout.
  7. This game costs $15.00 on PC and $20.00 on PlayStation 2.
  8. The controls for the cleaning minigame when you need to wash the car are very bad, especially on PlayStation 2 where you just need to jiggle the analog sticks around to move the sponge.
  9. The interface is very lazily designed, complete with text in Comic Sans and sloppily made icons. Probably intended to rip off the UI from The Sims.


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