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Capcom ID
This is how to turn a fully-working system into an absolute mess.
Genre: Account manager service
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Release Date: October 1, 2020
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom

Capcom ID (formerly COG ID) is a account manager and digital rights management service made by Capcom, it's is used to manage your Capcom game accounts and web services, it supports CAPCOM Account, CAPCOM Online Games, RESIDENT EVIL.NET and Dragon's Dogma Pawn Community.

Why It Sucks

  1. At the release (October 1, 2020), Users needed to migrate their Capcom/COG account to Capcom ID to continue their business, in an act of planned obsolesence. Some users had major problems to transfer their old Capcom/COG account data to the new one, trying to transfer sometimes doesn't work, forcing to start from scratch.
    • A long-time Pawn Community user called momohiki11/サシャ couldn't transfer his Capcom account data to the new one, he had to lose his account and start a new one.
      • momohiki11 had 31366 total "NICE!" hits, which takes 2-3 years to gain all those numbers.
      • This also happened with other users, affecting it a significant decrease of the website's userbase.
    • A single screenshot (posted by mupipipi) had over 55 comments because of the difficulties while transfering their accounts or trying to login.
    • Because of this, some screenshots got corrupted after some users being deleted/removed, you cannot view these screenshots posted by deleted/removed users anymore.
  2. The server's connection can be very delayed. Despite the website consume little internet data from the assets, the service suffers from poor netcode when streaming the data and images (as it was made in Japan).
  3. The website/service doesn't offer much, you can only just edit some information (such as name, birthday, location and more), link external accounts and that's it, no other features like a friends list, profile picture or a payment method.
  4. After AlvaroNovaes-BR sending an email to the support to fix the issue with the PS3 of not abling to login, an update was released (without publishing in the news log), it shows an 80710091 error code, it's now impossible to load this website on a PS3.
    • Back then, before the update made the website unusable (on PS3), there's some major flaws that the website was having.
      • When trying to log-in, the site warns you if you are above 13 years old. When you click yes if you are actually above 13 years old, aftermath, it leaves just a blank screen, making completely useless.
      • This is because the PS3 still uses an outdated browser, there's a page that shows the system requirements.
    • After that, you cant anymore post Dragon's Dogma screenshots to Pawn Community on a PS3, everytime to post a screenshot, you had to use a USB flash drive and a PC, then go to this website, post the screenshots and done. This frustrate many Pawn Community users, it wastes time and memory space.
  5. At the login page, it looks okay, but the URL address, it's truly abysmal, considered the worst ever, it's unbelievable long and messy, it's so long, that goes out far of the URL space bar and if you put this URL text in a notepad, it will include 448 letters, making this completely impossible if you write all of this stuff on a PS3, this is nothing but a god-awful pratice to pull out redundant DRM.
  6. While the website's design are not bad, it's very sub-par compared to other account manager websites, lacking any detail in the pages to look unique, despite being developed by Capcom itself (which is a AAA company), it looks like a generic and half-baked website that can be found commonly in the internet.
    • The upper bar that has the Capcom ID logo and the login button is always followed by the scrolling camera in the page, this does to decrease the space to read and makes it smaller, unlike Capcom Account and COG, the upper bar does not follow you.
    • Also, the website feels rushed and unpolished.
    • The white design all over the website makes it very bland to look at.
  7. After the service's release, for some unknown reason, the Dragon's Dogma servers (PSN version) had down for nearly a week. This resulted countless posts around the internet in Reddit, FANDOM and GameFAQs.
  8. The verification email after creating an account is sended to the Trash/Spam folder (probably on Outlook).
  9. Capcom gives very poor support to the american version of Capcom ID, there's only 4 update announcements that were published in the website's main page.
  10. No Nintendo Switch support, it only works with RESIDENT EVIL.NET (which is the majority of Resident Evil games).
  11. Afterall, the website only took 20 days to complete after announcing in September, 11 2020.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The UI is decent.
  2. Decent logo, similar to Capcom's signature color.
  3. The website features all web services that the old websites didn't include in the past.
  4. On March 16, 2020, Capcom finally added an inquiry page to send an message to the support to fix any issue, better yet, you can add images on it, which back then you can only send on their support email.


It was poorly received not just by most of the Pawn Community users that lost their account or had inconvenience, but also some users around the internet having problems and criticizing the service, about the following reason, almost no videos or any problem/question posts were found in the internet.




5 months ago
Score 1
This online service makes Nintendo Switch Online look like a masterpiece!


4 months ago
Score 0
It's been 5 days that i sended an email to Capcom ID support to fix the website log-in issue on PS3 (thankfully, Capcom ID support replied and thanked me for my messages), some time later, the Capcom ID website cannot be loaded anymore, showing an 80710091 error code on the web browser screen, if i try to log-in on Pawn Community in-game, it will show an connection failure message, im noticing that Capcom ID has an terrible support like Ubisoft Connect (that removed the S.A.M feature and some old Ubisoft games that did not support "last time played", which is worse than it's previous version, Ubisoft Club), maybe they were trying to fix the website, but it was 4 days ago, this DRM website always disturbs me so much when i trying to post an Dragon's Dogma screenshot to my Pawn Community page.


4 months ago
Score 0
So much for Capcom beginning to learn their mistakes.


one month ago
Score 0
As a major Pawn Community user since I first signed up in that website in Febuary 2020, I have a great and strong knowledge about this service, which I tried my best to research and create this page.


one month ago
Score 0
What's wrong with you, Capcom?

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