Capcom Fighting Evolution

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Capcom Fighting Evolution
CapcomFightingEvolution PS2Box US.jpg
The evolution of rehashing.
Genre: Fighting
Platforms: Arcade
PlayStation 2
Release Date: Arcade: October 2004
PlayStation 2: November 16, 2004
Xbox: June 14, 2005
Developer: Capcom Production Studio 2
Publisher: Capcom
Franchise: N/A
Previous Game: N/A
Next Game: N/A

Capcom Fighting Evolution (also known as Capcom Fighting Jam in Japan and Europe) is a fighting game made by Capcom. It uses characters from five Capcom games (Darkstalkers, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter III, Street Fighter II and Red Earth aka War-Zard in Japan) and has a new original character plus two bosses.

It is normally considered by gamers as being one of the worst fighting games made by Capcom.

Why It Sucks

  1. Lack of gameplay modes.
  2. This is easily the laziest fighting game Capcom has ever produced. It rehashes sprites from Capcom vs SNK 2, Red Earth/War-Zard, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Darkstalkers 3 and Street Fighter 3 Third Strike, so much to the point of feeling like a MUGEN game, which is more noticeable if you compare the sprites of Darkstalkers and Red Earth (War-Zard in Japan) with the ones of the Street Fighter characters, A popular YouTuber called Maximillan Dood called this game a retail MUGEN.
    • In fact, many characters are not scaled well, this specially noticeable in Pyron, who is smaller than Yun.
  3. Some iconic characters like Ken and Morrigan were left out, appering as little more than cameos in endings or backgrounds.
    • About that many of the characters in the background are just copy pasted concept art and in low resolution making many stages look awful.
  4. Not only it is lazy but also extremely bland. This has nothing that makes it special in comparison to other fighters, besides the fact that it has characters from different games, but in terms of gameplay it has nothing.
  5. The fighting system is moronic, since every set of characters use the system from the game they came from instead of having one universal system or grooves designed for this game. This is not only stupid but it also makes the game really unbalanced by default
  6. Pyron is a really easy final boss.
  7. Ryu is insanely overpowered.
  8. The Street Fighter Alpha characters are really weak.
  9. Shin Akuma is a secret boss but he is the same as in CVS 2.
  10. Despite the rehash of sprites from Capcom vs SNK 2 some characters are missing moves from that game, for example Guile no longer has his Sonic Hurricane.
  11. Getting to fight Shin Akuma is really hard.
  12. The commands for Shin Akuma's Raging Demon and Demitri's Midnight Blizz rarely work.
  13. Inconsistent AI with some characters the CPU tends to act extremely aggressive while with others they barely defend themselves, an example is Pyron against Ryu is easy and barely does anything, while against Sakura he becomes insanely annoying.
  14. The endings are just some pictures and that's it.
  15. Thanks to this game being a flop it, Capcom stopped developing fighting games for six years until they made SF4.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. This was the first appearance of the character Ingrid (a shame the other 3 original characters from Fighting All Stars weren't saved).
  2. The inclusion of Red Earth characters are great touches.
  3. The game can still be fun for a while.
  4. The concept is really good, just not the execution.
  5. The music is great.




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