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Imagine all the craziness of Grezzo 2, but not really offensive and with better gameplay.

Regular Day was a DOOM mod that was going to be a spiritual successor for Grezzo 2, developed by user TheBadHustlex. The WAD was announced in April 2015 and was cancelled in mid 2016.


Regular Day was supposed to be another trash-themed mod with offensive and questionable content, but it focused on having a more stable gameplay than Grezzo 2, rather than just on said offensive and questionable content itself. The mod's announce received mixed views from DOOM Community, but many were still considerably hyped or expressed the interest, probably because of Grezzo 2's success and that Regular Day was promised to have more polished gameplay. The mod had two beta demos and three trailers released, that were praised and have built even more anticipation. Some users even said that the beta demos were the best WADs they have ever played.

Regular Day was going to feature various levels with great difference between each, four difficulty settings, bloody kills, wacky ideas for enemies and other features, such as really explicit materials used to refill health. Should be noted, many assets were taken and reused from other mods and projects, giving proper credit. It seems that the developer was also accepting ideas for features as the game's official website had a place for comments on the project.

Unfortunately or fortunately, TheBadHustlex gave up on the mod for unknown reason, and deleted everything except for his posts on the DOOM forums.



Some of the official screenshots:


  • Download for the latest DEMO: is on the description of this video.
  • Announcement at the DOOM forums: here.
  • Official website: here.
  • Another playthrough of the game: here.


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