Cancellation of Legends of the Games Industry

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What a missed opportunity.

The Legends of the Games Industry was to be a all-star event panel for the University of South California's (USC) Games Division featuring some of the biggest names in the gaming industry, including Rob Pardo, a former CEO at Blizzard Entertainment, Brandon Beck, the CEO and co-founder of Riot Games, and Peter Levin, the President of Lionsgate Interactive. The event was scheduled for April 20th for the graduation seniors of 2016.

However, a mere four hours before the event, the head of the USC's Games Division, Tracy Fullerton canceled the event claiming that because none of the speakers were women (one of the speakers was a woman however who had to back out) the panel lacked diversity. According to a student, Tracy plans to reschedule the event, but it's now too late for the graduating seniors.

Article for this can be found here. (Niche Gamer is supported by and therefore a reliable source.)


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