Call of Duty: Ghosts

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Call of Duty: Ghosts
Call of Duty Ghosts PC cover art.jpg
"You're good. You would have been a hell of a Ghost. But that's not gonna happen."
Genre(s): First-Person Shooter
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Xbox 360
Xbox One
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 4
Wii U
Release date: November 5, 2013
Engine: IW Engine
Developer(s): Infinity Ward
Raven Software
Treyarch (Wii U)
Publisher(s): Activision
Square Enix (JP)
Franchise: Call of Duty
Predecessor: Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Successor: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty: Ghosts is a military first-person-shooter game and an entry in the Call of Duty franchise was released in 2013.


You play as Logan Walker, a member of the Ghosts task force, an elite semi-competent American spec ops unit. America has been devastated by a strike with hacked satellite weapons, and is now a minor world power while the powerful coalition of South American nations known as "The Federation" has become a superpower. In an attempt to destroy the Ghosts, the Federation decides to unleash their ultimate weapon: a former Ghost named Gabriel Rorke.

Bad Qualities

  1. The game development mainly focused on graphics engine, resulting in a great number of issues listed below.
  2. The game removed iconic game modes such as Capture the Flag from the COD franchise.
  3. The unlock system makes no sense.
  4. The weapons are too powerful, as evident when playing multiplayer, which led many to believe that they had less health.
  5. The commentary always talks about the same thing usually related to the Federation or Rorke, who is an incredibly unthreatening, slightly pudgy man.
  6. The intro pulls the "but they left one man alive" cliché, a rather abused war movie trope.
  7. The storyline is uninspired, with unlikable and forgettable characters who commit morally questionable acts.
  8. Rorke is considered to be the worst villain in the entire series due to having a terrible backstory since it tells that he turned bad because the Federation brainwashed him to their cause by drawing upon his resentment of Walker and the Ghosts for leaving him behind. He also doesn't really have much personality outside of being a generic bad guy, and seemingly has plot armor.
  9. The ending is a pure example of Diabolus ex Machina and is nothing but sequel baiting. The game ends with Hesh and Logan, badly injured, finally able to kill Rorke, and savoring the US's victory over the Federation, namely turning their own LOKI satellite on them. Logan turns for a breath, only to see Rorke himself, brutally beating them up and taking away Logan to turn him into a loyal Federation Agent.
    • Bare in mind, Rorke was shown to have been shot in the chest and drowned underwater in the scene before this, so it doesn't make sense why he's even alive or how he made it to shore without Logan or Hesh seeing him.
    • The game also never got a sequel and due to its disappointing sales, Infinity Ward ended up developing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare instead of continuing the Ghosts storyline.
  10. Some dialogue lines are very poor, being the kind of replies that you would hear from a 10-year old kid. (e.g. "It's over Rorke. We beat you!", "Well, that's just 'cause I'm better than you, Elias. I've always been better than you!")
  11. The Federation, the enemy faction in Ghosts, is the worst faction by far in the series as they behave like generic bad guys since they have no real motive other than "blow up America", which they seem to want solely because they're the antagonists in a Call of Duty game. The entire faction has only four characters from it: Victor Ramos, The Dragon who appears for all of five minutes; General Almargo, who is there solely to be an assassination target and doesn't even have any lines; the leader of the Federation, who is The Ghost, and again has no lines; and Rorke, who was brainwashed into supporting the Federation. They seem to exist solely so that the Ghosts can commit all the war crimes they want without looking bad.
    • This in turn makes The Federation feel contrived, as YouTuber Act Man puts it: "Might as well call them 'Team Evil!'".
  12. The Ghost unit, supposedly the best of the best, is introduced terribly with one of their members being outsmarted and captured, and they don't even manage to save him.
  13. The game has an unhealthy focus on saying how awesome Logan and Hesh's dad is.
  14. At one point, the Federation is able to land helicopters full of troops on a US aircraft carrier while the crew of the carrier and its escort ships do nothing. In real life, any helicopter that attempted to land on a hostile aircraft carrier would be blown out of the sky by the carrier group's air defenses before they even got close to the ship.
  15. The German Shepard, Riley, was hyped in advertisements yet is only used in a few early missions and rarely shows up after that. It wasted an optional play style that could have refreshed the tired franchise. Even the game itself eventually forgets about the dog and ultimately the protagonists seemingly leave it behind on an exploding aircraft carrier.
  16. The single-player campaign has been criticized for not adopting the changes that Black Ops II introduced, such as a player-selectable loadout, in-level unlocks, multiple endings and branching paths.
  17. Too derivative, as it recycled scenes and plot points from not only older COD games (an example being Ghost, who is a major character in Modern Warfare 2), but also movies, such as (especially) the Star Wars original trilogy, Moonraker, The Dark Knight Rises, and more. Some people went as far as dubbing the game as Modern Warfare 4 because of these clichés.
  18. The maps were lazily designed and made large to cover this up. Infinity Ward and Activision tried to rectify this by releasing DLC packs consisting of smaller maps, but by then, it was already too late (see below).
  19. Just like the previous games, assets and entire cutscene animations were ripped verbatim from previous games. The intro cutscene was an example of this, as the animations were recycled from MW2's ending.
  20. The PC version has less features and a lower framerate, which is downright insulting considering the series' roots, dating back to 2003, are on the PC.
  21. The Wii U version does not have any of the Downloadable Content and patches present in the other versions. Also, the Gamepad's built-screen is never utilized, which is frustrating because COD games on the Nintendo DS were able to take advantage of the DS's second screen.
  22. Poor presentation before the game's release. The developer introduced a feature in their "next-gen" game engine dubbed "Fish AI" in which the fish move out of the way when you get close to them. This kind of technology can be seen in games as old as Super Mario 64 and GTA: San Andreas, and isn't even new to first-person shooters since fish do it in the original Far Cry, was released in 2004. The developers were bragging about fish in the background that have zero effect on the gameplay and that most people wouldn't even notice. Moreover, while they bothered to do that, they didn't do anything to stop ejected brass going right through the APS Underwater gun model if the player is moving to the right.
  23. The main campaign is very short and can be beaten in about four hours.
  24. Infinity Ward tried making their own survival type game mode similar to Treyarch's Zombies mode in their COD games called "Extinction" but with aliens (well, undergroundiens) rather than zombies. It's pretty boring, bland and forgettable. Even, Splatoon 2’s Salmon Run was also way better than this. While you are playing this mode, despite open the pause menu the game doesn't even get paused in any moment. (The last issue was repeated in Advanced Warfare's Exo Survival and Exo Zombies at launch)
  25. Stonehaven. It's so big and very hard to kill people because of the size. When you actually do get a kill, it's usually when you snipe inside the Castle, and one of the main ways you die when playing this map.
  26. A 200MB patch was released for the PC version just four days after the game's release, with no update notes.
    • If you used the unofficial patch fix Flovery to have access to field of view settings, that patch broke the fix. Thankfully, Flovery was updated fast.

Good Qualities

  1. The soundtrack by David Buckley is pretty good.
  2. Great graphics.
  3. Decent voice acting, especially Stephen Lang as Elias Walker and Kevin Gage as Gabriel Rorke.
  4. Its downloadable content is pretty good, bringing guests like Michael Myers and the Predator, although the Wii U version lacks it.
  5. Strikezone became a popular map in the game, even it was remade as Genesis in Infinite Warfare.
  6. To be fair the Extinction mode can be fun sometimes and it was something new for the Call of Duty co-op modes. And at least Infinity Ward didn't forget about it and brought some references in Infinite Warfare, and through the last DLC the aliens from Extinction appeared in its zombie map The beast from beyond.
  7. The Chaos mode was back from MW3 for free.
  8. The multiplayer introduced killstreaks based in some maps (like the aforementioned Michael Myers and Predator), unfortunately that mechanic was repeated only in Advanced Warfare.
  9. It’s the last Call of Duty to be released on a Nintendo platform and to lack any Supply Drops (at least until Modern Warfare (2019) came out).


Call of Duty: Ghosts received both "mixed or average" and "generally positive" reviews with many praising the multiplayer gameplay and Extinction mode although criticizing its single-player campaign and lack of innovation. On other hand, the game got negative reviews from the Call of Duty fan community due to Infinity Ward not separating Ghosts enough from the Modern Warfare series, with some fans criticizing it for not following any of the gameplay advancements from Black Ops 2 that Treyarch delivered. As a result, Ghosts ended up being the poorest performing modern Call of Duty title. Many fans also widely considered Ghosts to have been the beginning of the Call of Duty franchise's decline.

Due to its disappointing sales, Infinity Ward ended up developing Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare instead of continuing the Ghosts storyline despite Ghosts ending on a cliffhanger.


  • Neversoft, the the studio behind the Tony Hawk and the Guitar Hero franchise, developed the extinction mode of this this game, and this was the last game they ever participated before their merge with Infinity Ward and then their defunct.


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