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Calculator (Nintendo Switch)

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"Bobert, divide by zero."
Zach "Gumball" Watterson
Genre(s): Application
Platform(s): Nintendo Switch
Release: WW: May 12, 2021
JP: June 24, 2021
Developer(s): Sabec
Publisher(s): Sabec
Country: United Kingdom

Calculator is an application available for the Nintendo Switch. It was developed and published by Sabec on May 2021 worldwide, and June 2021 in Japan.

Why It Doesn't Add Up

  1. It's worth starting with the fact that it's not even a video game, much less a puzzle game with calculator elements, just an application that itself is paid, costing $10 or £8, while calculators from major operating systems are either free on their stores or are built-in with them. In addition, this calculator works worse than the ones installed on phones and computers (also including the browser calculator), and even the physical one works better than this pile of shoddy code of the app.
    • In fact, even the Super Mario and Animal Crossing calculators made for the DSi (also backwards compatible with the 3DS) all the way back in 2009 cost much less (so cheap you could buy them both for $2 each before the closure of the DSi Shop). On that note, both calculators have way more features than this.
  2. Even though it's paid, it has less content than the Windows Calculator app (calc.exe). For example, it lacks graph of a function, no calculations dedicated to programmers, no date calculations or calculations of various units of measurement, for example physical quantities. Even the Mario and Animal Crossing ones on the DSi and 3DS included some of these features.
  3. In terms of artwork, the calculator is very derivative and generic-looking;
    • The artwork depicting this application, used in the main menu of the console, uses random clip art, not having in common how the calculator actually looks like in the app.
    • The calculator interface is also not originally designed by Sabec. This is the exact same interface that was seen on Apple's oldest iPhone and iPad models and/or early versions of iOS (such as iOS 2-6).
  4. The game features a cursor like computers, but this application cursor suffers from some issues.
    • The cursor moves very slowly, comparable to the speed of a snail, making the computation take longer than you could do by hand or with your computer mouse. It's also made worse that this was a Nintendo Switch game, not a PC app, which the former isn't built for cursors.
    • The cursor contains one error. Even though the tip of the cursor, for example, selects the number 6, the application selects the button one down, for example the number 3. It's because the app has a poorly-written code, which makes the cursor is marking the buttons with the middle of the cursor, instead of the tip.


Calculator became a subject of a reverse review bomb, receiving an average user score of 8.9/10 on Metacritic[1], with reviews consisting of jokes.


  • At the time an app was released, it quickly became an Internet meme due to the release of the base device as a console application. This is unique because the console digital stores only sell games.
  • Sabec Limited, the developer of Calculator, previously released the app Night Vision on the Nintendo Switch.[2]



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