CID the Dummy

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CID the Dummy
CID the Dummy.jpg
"Not such a dummy now, am I?" - CID
Protagonist: CID the Dummy
Genre: Action
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Nintendo Wii
PlayStation 2
PlayStation Portable
Release Date: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo Wii
EU: April 17, 2009
NA: July 7, 2009

Microsoft Windows (Steam release)
WW: January 8, 2010
macOS, Linux
WW: December 18, 2013
Game Engine: Vicious Engine
Developer: Twelve Interactive
Publisher: Oxygen Games
Twelve Interactive (digital)
Made in: Italy

CID the Dummy is an action-adventure platforming video game developed by Italian studio Twelve Interactive and published by Oxygen Games for PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii, PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux in 2009.

Why It Sucks

  1. The CID in the title means Crash Impact Dummy. This makes the title dumb and redundant, since the entire title would be Crash Impact Dummy the Dummy.
  2. The music on the game's Wii startup page is some kind of a rip off of Fatboy Slim's "Weapon of Choice".
    • One of the levels also has their music being a shady ripoff of the battle music from Final Fantasy VII.
  3. The story is about two scientists, a good one and an evil one, once colleagues and now bitter rivals. After an experiment gone wrong, D.Troit, the evil one, creates an army of sentient robots and kidnaps B. M. Werken's daughter. Werken retaliates by creating a Crash Test Dummy, or Crash Impact Dummy (CID, hence the title), to defeat D. Troit and his armies and save Werken's daughter. All of this sounds very familiar...
    • The game also starts with a more-than-5 minutes-long series of opening cutscenes, most of them completely pointless.
  4. The voice acting barely manages to be average at best, with characters having some strange voices (for example, B. M. Werken sounds like Julia Child on crack).
  5. CID is downright unlikable, being very whiny and rude. He even admits in the ending that he doesn't want to be a hero.
  6. Despite it came out in 2009, the game (at least for the Wii version) looks like a late PlayStation game.
  7. For at least 75% of all the game, CID will always repeat his "Not such a dummy now, am I?" line.
  8. The Wii version presents various additional control problems:
    • Basic attacks, as in punches, require the flailing of the Wiimote, but CID casually throws punches when you just barely move the Wiimote.
      • What is worse, when you accidentally trigger CID's attacks, he'll be locked on the attack animation and continue attacking forward, even when he's very close to any ledge.
    • CID also has a bazooka, which requires to hold down the A button and move the controller towards your shoulder like it is some sort of backscratcher. It's required to equip and unequip the bazooka every single time. It doesn't always work.
      • To make matters worse, if you happen to accidentally aim even as slightly off your target, you will not manage to hit it.
      • Not to mention, instead of allowing the player to use the Wiimote to freely hit the targets on the screen, it requires to be at the same height of the intended target. You also need to do that when you're close to them, making it utterly useless in most situations.
  9. CID can also use stealth moves, but they are completely useless.
  10. Some glitches allow you to walk on water, poisoned water or even lava, or project shadows on the roof.
  11. Water levels require that you rise and lower your Wiimote to swim higher and lower, but, due to the aforementioned control problems, it's impossible not to take damage to sea mines and other obstacles.
  12. Of course, like all Ice Worlds of respect in the rest of the gaming world, the one present in this game presents slippiness, which worsens the control problems in the whole game.
    • The level's final boss is a giant monster that can kill you if he grabs you, something hard to avoid with collision detection issues. Not to mention, to defeat the monster, you need to get your way through an entire, long Ice World level which also presents some obstacles to get rid of which you'll need to use your bazooka.
  13. There is also a level set in a graveyard for crash test dummies, which barely makes sense.
  14. Not only there is fall damage, but there is instant death and Game Over-provoking fall damage. Not only does this make absolutely no sense, but one of the levels in the game also proves that CID can survive getting thrown through five brick walls, especially because he's, by natural choice, a Crash Test Dummy.
  15. One of the levels of the game has CID ride a giant robot with a mallet, which he has to ride from Point A to Point B. To keep the robot high up, you need to hold up on the Nunchuk thumbstick, while also avoiding or destroying obstacles. Horewer, even after beating the level, at the score screen, CID falls in the water and dies, because the player, thinking that the level is over, has been induced to let go the Nunchuk thumbstick.
  16. The final boss looks like something that was ripped out of Sonic Adventure.
  17. In the ending, CID complains about how mouthy Werken's daughter is, despite the fact that she has no mouth at all, and that this is the only time the two meet each other in the whole game.






12 months ago
Score 7
He's dummy thicc!


12 months ago
Score 1
This game just made the Sega Genesis bootleg of Mega Man look like a masterpiece.


12 months ago
Score 1
"Not such a dummy now, am I?" Hmmm. That sounds exactly like something a dummy would say.

Mr. Dready

11 months ago
Score 3
(Singing in Pink Panther style) It's Bad!, It's Bad! It's Really, Really Really Really Really BAAAAAAAAAAD! It's an awful game. - From Rerezes review on this game.

Man who turned Evil

11 months ago
Score 2

The names of the scientist are puns of a city and the motor brand B. M. Werken - Bayerische Motoren Werke

D. Troit - Detroit


3 months ago
Score 1
Dummy the Dummy!


one month ago
Score -1
Not such a dummy now, am I?


22 hours 22 minutes ago
Score 0
Reminds me of Just Bad Games: CID the Dummy.


22 hours 22 minutes ago
Score 0
By Rerez (duh).

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