Burnout Legends (DS)

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And you thought Need For Speed Most Wanted and Peter Jackson's King Kong DS version was bad. Well... think again.

Burnout Legends is the first spin-off game of the popular Burnout franchise and it's a fifth game overall, specifically released for the PlayStation Portable on 13 September 2005 in North America, 16 September in Europe, 20 October 2005 in Japan. The game features many of the tracks and gameplay modes from the first three Burnout games, but repackaged for the handheld format. Many of the gameplay modes are similar to Burnout 3: Takedown using a mixture of old and new tracks.

However the Nintendo DS version was released on the November 29th 2005 in North America and 9 December 2005 in Europe. And It has spawned a bunch of negative and unfavorable reviews.

Why It Sucks (DS Version Only)

  1. Lame vehicle textures.
  2. Boring and generic race tracks.
  3. The game is filled with tons of bugs & glitches.
  4. Clunky and awkward controls.
  5. Unrealistic crashes.
  6. Stupid and predictable opponents.
  7. Bad collision detection.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The soundtrack is decent.
  2. Good quality graphics for the DS.
  3. At least it's better than 2 disaster DS ports.


The PSP version was received 86/100 on MetaCritic, while the DS version was received 38/100.