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Bungee Jumping Simulator

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ToddHoward2010sm (cropped).jpg All of this just works.
― Todd Howard
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We can assume that the developers who made this game just wanted to do a bungee jump to their doom.

Bungee Jumping Simulator is a sports game developed by Astragon and UIG Entertainment, and published by Astragon on PC platforms exclusively in Europe in 2009.

Why It Sucks

  1. The idea of making a game based on bungee jumping is questionable in the first place, since there are no interesting or complex tricks and techniques to pull off.
  2. The rope physics are horrible: the rope itself behaves the same regardless of the altitude, location and weight of the person tied to it, and feels as if it was made of gum, since it can glitch out and stretch endlessly without tearing apart.
  3. The only thing you are asked to do throughout the entire game is to enter the same three button combinations to execute the same three combos until you either hit the ground or execute the jump perfectly, in which case you are simply sent back to the main menu.
  4. The tutorials included in the game are just pretentious and waste time and words going into every single little detail instead of actually explaining the player how to play.
  5. The Extreme mode adds a screen where you can choose the elastic strength of the rope and the height of the jump, however, several key pieces of information such as the weight and mass of the in-game character, any resistance opposed by the air and whether the gravitational and Hooke's constants are taken into account during the jump or not are nowhere to be seen.
  6. On the topic of elastic strength, you can set negative values for the strength applied to the rope (which technically means that the rope would become shorter with time), however doing so results in a perfectly executed jump, implying that the rope always behaves the same, regardless of the strength. On the other hand, setting high positive values causes the player to hit the ground and die.
    • Sometimes, when you hit the ground, the game glitches out and the character goes through the floor, falling endlessly.
  7. When you die, the scene is censored to hide any eventual gore. However, it's possible to remove the censorship with cheat codes, revealing that there no actual damage is shown on the character's body: the character remains perfectly standing.
    • When you hit the ground, the rope doesn't tear apart like it normally should, but it also remains completely intact.


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