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Bratz (2002)

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Bratz (2002)
Bratz for PS1! Dance in the same repetetive dance floors, dance to forgettable songs that you will quickly forget about. Bratz! Avaliable on PC, PS1 and GameBoy Advance each version sold seperatly.
Genre(s): Music
Platform(s): Game Boy Advance
Microsoft Windows
Release: Microsoft Windows
NA: December 17, 2002
Game Boy Advance
NA: March 12, 2003
EU: 2003

NA: March 12, 2003
EU: May 2, 2003
Developer(s): DC Studios
Publisher(s): Ubisoft
Country: United Kingdom
Series: Bratz

Bratz is a dancing video game based on the Bratz doll line. It was released in 2002 for Microsoft Windows and 2003 for the PlayStation and Game Boy Advance. It was published by Ubisoft and developed by DC Studios, making it the only Bratz game not published by THQ until Bratz Fashion Boutique.


The game is a dancing video game, where the player has to dance through a song in order to progress to the next level.

Sometimes a freestyle appears allowing the player to press whatever button they want.

Why It Suckz

  1. Horrible and poorly made pre-rendered graphics especially for a late PS1 game, The GBA version looks even worse, due to it's screen compression.
    • It should be noted that the PS1 version, was released 3 years after PS2's launch, so there's really no way this game can be released on the PS1 in 2003.
    • The backgrounds are also poorly drawn.
  2. To the extend of the first reason, the animations for dancing are also pretty awful to look at, with most of the time the same animation repeating over and over again, and in some dance moves, the girls look more like they're shaking than actually dancing.
  3. Terrible and forgettable music, with the worst being the title screen music, it is nothign but generic teen pop and early 2000s Hip Hop, with the cheap drum beats, and often time the same verse repeating over and over again, in the GBA version it's even worse, due to sound compression, to make things even worse the girls speak way too much while playing, at times you can't properly hear the song because of this.
    • This should also be noted that this game came out before the Bratz music albums.
  4. The hit detection during dancing is non existant, as sometimes even if you press the button at the right time, it won't respond, also this is even worse when multiple notes are flying at the same time in the same direction, due to the fact hitting all of them can be infuriating.
  5. Playing on harder difficulty is even worse as you also have to press the front buttons and it gets so unbarriable to play.
  6. The voice acting for the Bratz doll is pretty bad, it sounds like an adult woman trying to impersonate a teenagers voice, not to mention it also gets annoying due to the fact you hear them a lot while dancing, and the lines are also extremely repetetive to listen to. The worst being Sasha
  7. Unsatsfying rewards, as it's nothing but more stages and songs, Also everytime after you finish a stage you get the girls talking to you, but it is usually repeated and endless, and all it gets to is a result screen.
  8. The freestyle mode is poorly made as all you have to do is press the buttons on you're controller, but even then sometimes it does nothing no matter how much times you press the buttons, not to mention, there's no award after completing them.
  9. The games presentation is pretty bland, the title screen is simply the same as the games cover art, the menus look cheaply made, without any care or love put into it, also the menus all use the same background.
  10. There is no ending after completing the game with one character, you have to than replay the game with all the other characters, which gets really repetetive since it's all just the same songs over and over again. There's also absoulutely no difference between the characters.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Despite it’s issues mentioned above, the game is very easy enough for it’s target audience to understand. It’s also very easy to get used to.


  • This was the first Bratz game to be released.
  • Originally Ubisoft is also gonna publish, Bratz: Formal Funk, for PS2 and Gamecube but was cancelled due to Ubisoft losing the rights to MGA (the manufactures of the Bratz dolls) and later THQ got the rights.



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