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Dancin Twatz.png
Perfection my ass! Did Ubisoft really publish this?
Genre: Music
Platforms: Game Boy Advance
Microsoft Windows
Release Date: Microsoft Windows
NA: December 17, 2002
Game Boy Advance
NA: March 12, 2003
EU: 2003

NA: March 12, 2003
EU: May 2, 2003
Developer: DC Studios
Publisher: Ubisoft
Franchise: Bratz

Bratz is a dancing video game based on the Bratz doll line. It was released in 2002 for Microsoft Windows and 2003 for PlayStation and Game Boy Advance. It was published by Ubisoft and developed by DC Studios, making it the only Bratz game not published by THQ until Bratz Fashion Boutique.

Why It Sucks

  1. Ugly pre-rendered graphics.
  2. Forgettable music, especially the menu music. In fact, even the GBA version could handle it.
  3. There is no explanation given of why the Bratz are dancing.
  4. Terrible dancing animations.
  5. Horrible character models of dolls that are already ugly, looking like a bootleg version.
  6. Why was the PS1 version released in 2003 while the PS2 was already out in 2000?
  7. When you finish the game with one character, you have to play it again with the other characters, which gets boring really fast.
  8. The game is too easy and too short if you ignore all the other characters.
  9. The Game Boy Advance version looks even worse.
  10. When you get to create your own dance move, you use the already existing moves.
  11. False advertising: The outfits that the Bratz wear on the cover art they never wear in the actual game outside of the title and menu screen.
  12. The fifth character Meygan isn't one of the main characters, but all the other characters are.
  13. Poor voice acting.
  14. Everytime you press a button, the character will say something which makes you barely hear the music.
  15. The game's title screen is just the game's cover art with a scrolling text bar in it. In addition, the cover looks like it was made in MS Paint.
  16. Long loading times in the PS1 version.

Redeeming Quality

  1. The game is easy enough for kids to understand.


  • This was the first Bratz game to be released.
  • Originally Ubisoft is also gonna publish, Bratz: Formal Funk, for PS2 and Gamecube but was cancelled due to Ubisoft losing the rights to MGA (the manufactures of the Bratz dolls) and later THQ got the rights.



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