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Genre(s): Virtual Pet
Platform(s): Android
Release: July 28, 2016
Engine: Unity
Developer(s): Kanuni Games
Country: Turkey

Bou is an obscure Turkish virtual pet game released for Android around 2016. The gameplay involves taking care of an orange-like creature called Bou, in a manner similar to the much more well-recieved Pou.

Why It Sucks

  1. Most noticeably, taking Bou to the bedroom results in his mouth transforming from a simple white crescent into gaining realistic lips and teeth which look horrifying for the simplistic art style.
    1. When Bou is put to sleep in the bedroom, Bou's eyes will turn from green to orange as its body turns entirely black, and the realistic mouth is still present.
    2. Feeding Bou will also give him the mouth, but without the lips.
  2. The interface of the game highly resembles the aforementioned Pou, right down to the name of the rooms.
  3. Even the very name of the game, Bou, is copied from Pou.
  4. Numerous bugs and glitches when traversing through the food store, because the screen of the store doesn't fit the screen resolution of the mobile device being used. The only way to leave the game is by exiting and going back.
  5. Most of the assets for the food and other items at the store are just stolen cliparts with no consistency with the art style.
  6. A mini game, which involves shooting birds (in a way similar to Duck Hunt) has the birds bleed when you shoot them, considering this is a children's game.
  7. Poor grammar for the game over screens. For example, losing in the Water Hop clone results in the game over screen reading "Bou blazing burned."





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