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Bob's World - Super Run

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Bob's World - Super Run
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They should feel ashamed.
Protagonist(s): Bob
Genre(s): Platform
Platform(s): Android
Release: June 26, 2019
Developer(s): Falcon Game Studio
Publisher(s): OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Successor: Bob's World 2 - Super Jungle Adventure

Bob's World - Super Run (originally named Bob's World - Super Adventure) is a 2019 platforming video game developed by Falcon Game Studio and published by OneSoft Global PTE. LTD. for Android-powered devices.


The story starts when Bob's World became nothing ever since Bob's Princess got kidnapped into the jungle. Bob's adventure starts there.

Why It’s No Super Run

  1. The game is nothing more than an uninspired Mario knock-off.
  2. Paper-thin story. The story is almost similar to the original Super Mario Bros. on terms of how much there is to it.
  3. Horrible physics: Bob is very slippery, it's sometimes hard to jump on narrow platforms and the rolling shells never fall down in any edges. If you jump high above and stomp in the enemy's head, the bounce is always low.
  4. Possible false advertising: Despite the game's plot saying that the Bob's Princess was kidnapped into the jungle, and you must save her, there's no ending scene on the final level, there's no jungle themed levels in this game and to put salt in the wound, the princess is in every level.
  5. Many game-breaking bugs & glitches.
    • Speaking of bugs & glitches, the revive option is broken; it will create a invisible wall to prevent players from backtracking.
    • If you complete any level, you can throw bombs after touching the goal flag, and the bombs will freeze in the air.
  6. The controls are bad because of the physics.
  7. Repetitive and boring level design and after finishing 10 levels of the same thing over and over again with no anything different like a cut-scene or sub-boss battle.
  8. Bob himself is not that bad, but the other characters are bland and generic.
    • Bob is also an uninteresting and bland protagonist.
  9. Lots of micro-transactions and useless items, and annoying advertisements. If you want to remove the ads, you can just turn off the Wi-FI/turn on Airplane mode to stop annoying ads.
    • Speaking of ads too, the ads of this game and other ones was stolen from Level UP's YouTube videos and some of them are Super Mario Bros. gameplay that was ripped from the NES.
  10. Easy, repetitive and boring boss battles, many of them to kill. All you have to do is to either jump on their heads, or throw bombs at them, and that's it.
  11. Many assets of this game like graphics and sounds was stolen from many other Nintendo and mobile games.
  12. You cannot crouch in this game.
  13. The game has noticeable frame rate issues.
  14. This game has a lot of broken English, making it hard for the player to understand what they are even saying.
  15. For some reason, the developer of this game keeps changing the game's name on the Google's Play Store page just to confuse players.
  16. Some of the game's ads have stolen footage from Level Up's animations and didn't even try to remove the watermark. Proof.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The game is compatible with a keyboard, but there's no throw bombs button.
  2. The music is catchy.
  3. While this game has many glitches, the game never crashes.
  4. The graphics are colorful and nice.
  5. It supports fifteen languages including English, Vietnamese, Spanish, French, Portuguese and more.



Other Videos/Gameplay

Bob's World - Super Run First Official Trailer

Bob's World - Super Run Second Official Trailer (The same thing but with minor differences)

This is why the bosses are easy and repetitive.


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