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Blues Brothers 2000

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Blues Brothers 2000
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This isn't a mission from God!
Genre(s): Action
Platform(s): Nintendo 64
Release: November 16, 2000
Developer(s): Player 1
Publisher(s): Titus Interactive
Country: United States

Blues Brothers 2000 is a platforming video game developed by Player 1 (the developer behind Hercules: The Legendary Journeys) and published by Titus Interactive for the Nintendo 64. The game is based on the film of the same name and was released on November 16, 2000.

Why It Sucks

  1. Bland and boring level design.
  2. The controls are incredibly delayed, meaning that it's nearly impossible to even land a punch towards an enemy.
  3. Terrible camera controls: This becomes most prevalent in the city level.
  4. Unforgiving lives system.
  5. Large number of glitches. For example, you can't jump off a downward slope unless you stop moving, making you die unexpectedly falling into a bottomless pit in the city level when on the roof tops.
  6. The graphics are somewhat mediocre. The character models look like lifeless dolls, which is unacceptable, even by Nintendo 64 standards.
  7. Repetitive soundtrack, mainly consisting of loops. The worst offender being the loop of "Cheaper to Keep Her" by Johnnie Taylor.
  8. You can easily get knocked out with 3 punches, making it incredibly tedious.
  9. You aren't even given enough time to react to enemies coming your way, making the entire game nearly unfair.



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