Bloons TD 4

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Bloons TD 4
The black sheep of the Bloons TD series, and for good reason.
Genre: Tower Defense
Platforms: Mobile
Release Date: 2009
Developer: Ninja Kiwi
Franchise: Bloons Tower Defense
Previous Game: BTD3
Next Game: Bloons Tower Defense 5

Bloons TD 4 is a game developed & published Ninja Kiwi in 2009, while BTD1-3 were quite basic they had charm and were pretty fun, BTD4, on the other hand, was massively rushed and is often considered the weakest entry in the Bloons TD series.

Bad Qualities

  1. Numerous bugs and glitches, including one that does not send any bloons at all during a round in Expansion.
  2. This game introduced micro-transactions into the Bloons TD series. You have to pay money for some tracks and upgrades. However, the game is still relatively easy without premium upgrades, luckily.
  3. Numerous overlay issues including overlay on menus and the tower screen.
  4. Copy pasted backgrounds as tracks.
  5. Unlike its previous games and successors, there is only one upgrade path, meaning that you will be forced to buy ineffective upgrades just to get more favorable upgrades. The most notable upgrades includes Sonic Boom for the Boomerang Thrower, and the range upgrades.
  6. Typo & coding errors (for example, the Camo balloon has an RBE of eleven yet the game treats it as nine RBE).
  7. On mobile, the animations fails to scale properly.
  8. In sandbox mode you have finite cash & lives with no options to change them. Bloons TD 6 also had this issue, but at least you can adjust cash/lives in there.
    • Bloons can only be sent in set numbers in Sandbox mode, and even when they are done the next wave you picked comes after rather than at the same time.
  9. Lack of balance on some towers; the most infamous being the Sun God upgrade for the Super Monkey is actually weaker than $30000 worth of Operation: Dart Storm Aces.
  10. Ninja Kiwi decided not to update the mobile version of the game for later devices, making it incompatible with newer devices.

Good Qualities

  1. It introduced some memorable towers, including the Banana Farm, Monkey Apprentice, Dartling Gun, and Spike Factory.
  2. The graphics, while not a major improvement from BTD1-3, is still passable.
  3. It was the first Bloons TD game to get updates, adding additional tracks and towers.
  4. Spawned some new ideas for later games, including special missions, track gimmicks (Monkey Temple in the Expansion is one of the first tracks with track gimmicks), and premium upgrades.
  5. The Ocean Road and Military Base tracks are memorable tracks to the point where Bloons TD 5 Deluxe included them.
  6. Ninja Kiwi updated the Flash version of the game to be compatible to Ninja Kiwi's system of Awesome Points, allowing easy gain for Awesome Points.
  7. The original version is far superior to the Expansion due to containing less glitched and more tracks.
  8. The single upgrade path would be permanently dropped on later games.


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