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In migrating over here, I decided to change my screen name to ThunderKat; it rolls off the tongue a lot better I think. It makes a lot more sense since Kat is amongst my favourite video game characters.

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This is just a quick update blog, since I have been pretty inactive on here for the past 2 months (apart from the occasional comment I have left here and there).

I still intend to check in with the wiki now and then, but I won't be as active as I once was. Since the gaming landscape has been so damn bleak in recent months, I have gone back to playing games released close to 20 years ago, with the exceptions being Snake Pass (a game recommended to me by TyrantRex back when we were still on FANDOM), and Code: Vein. I also have lacked interest in upcoming releases, including next-gen because of the state of gaming, and that's during a period when my nation is in lockdown due to COVID-19 as well! That said, I am always willing to make some edits where needed, and will happily share new content whenever I can.

That is all for now!



one month ago
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Best of all, you still have enough energy to stay on this wiki. Welcome back after 2 months after your break. All in all, I'm not surprised that you mostly play titles from many years ago, because they have some charm and a feeling of nostalgia in your bones, no matter what quality the game is.

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