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Blog:Ubisoft is making some of their older PC titles unplayable

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This has got to be a new low for DRM.
Ubisoft is making some of their older Steam titles, such as AC Liberation HD, no longer accessible, even if you bought the game. Some of the games that will be affected by this were on sale quite recently, so obviously a lot of people bought it quite recently and I can tell they aren’t happy about this. Oh, and when they announced this on Twitter, they locked the reply section, which means they knew consumers would be furious about this.
It may have been scummy for Nintendo to make Super Mario 3D All-Stars a limited release, but at least my digital download of the game is still playable. What Ubisoft is doing here is theft. Remember when Activision was caught locking the base content for Advanced Warfare and Destiny 2 behind DLC purchases and were forced to remove the paywall? We need that kind of action against Ubisoft. This kind of practice needs to be outlawed. I fear that this might encourage other publishers on Steam to do the same thing with their games.
If any of the games that will be affected by this are games that you recently bought, see if you can get a refund.
UPDATE:Ubisoft has clarified that there was a miscommunication. Owners of the decommissioned games will still be able to re-download and play the base games after they're removed. However, DLC will still become inaccessible, so Ubisoft is still stealing from their consumers here.


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