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I'm rolling around CGW for a bit and I learnt the actual dark side of game industry. I've looked at like 30 percent of the whole wiki, includes latest FIFA games, game companies, wack reboots of renowned series, GamerGate thing et cetera; man, I couldn't even imagine it being THAT corrupt. 2020 was the year I personally grew a lot more than any other year, with CGW lately being a major part of it. I've lately seen a lot more than ever, with game industry being no exception. Damn, where will it go? Will there be another crash? These words are said by a lifetime gamer: I hope so, at this moment this industry deserves a crash bigger and more effective than 1983 one. Also as an amateur hobbyist game maker; I also got A LOT ideas to be taken and perfected much better than original developers. So, I gotta thank CGW for another time and hope I'll have time to apply those ideas in my prototype games.

That is my two cents for now. See you in next blog post.

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