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Man, we sure have experienced quite a lot of drama recently! We got mass censored by our old platform, migrated to a platform that purely exists to harbor free speech AND met new friends and allies! Now I'll like to talk about an aspect of all this drama that sticks out like a sore thumb as neutrally as my clearly biased mind allows me to.

Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT go and harass anyone I've mentioned in this blog, doing so only rewards you a perma-block and a bad reputation. And need I remind you that the person we are discussing here is a harasser.


For those of you who don't know, PKMNLivesNew is one of the many FANDOM users who decided to oppose us for the reason that Crappy Games Wiki is made by gamers who support GamerGate.[1][2] But none are as loud, obnoxious, self-righteous and hubris as PKMNLivesNew, who is also known as UglyRat[3] on his favorite website, RationalWiki, and formerly as PokemonLives.[4] He's most active on Wiki on FANDOM where he creates various Fanon and on the aforementioned RationalWiki where he tries to add corny humor that usually ends up getting undone, he even received a warning not to continue or he'll be banned for spamming.[5]

First Involvement

Back in late February of 2018 when we still had around 1,500 pages and the white/green background, PKMNLivesNew made his presence known on Crappy Games Wiki by leaving this message (titled "Nice Try") on our psychotic founder Grust's wall:

Your articles on Corruption in Game Journalism, especially Gamers Are Dead and Quinnspiracy, are almost entirely based off of Gamergate conspiracy theories. I know better than to believe that Kotaku is unethical with the central argument being based of off misogyny. I am NOT someone who falls for the "OOH IM FRIENDS WITH SOMEONE WHO'S A [INSERT MINORITY HERE] BUT [INSERT SAME MINORITY HERE] IS STUPID" argument anymore, so don't use it. It is my belief that your claims on those articles are straight up hate speech, which is not very nice. Here is a link to an RW article on this so called "corruption": [CLICK THIS] There. I've made my point. Please retract the misogynist and racist claims on these articles.

As for how he managed to come across these pages, I have no clue. In fact, by checking his contribution history, this message seems to be one of his earliest contributions on FANDOM. Maybe he's actively trying to find things to get offended like so many other SJWs do? I don't know!

FYI, it seems that this condescending attitude of his isn't reserved for people he disagrees with.[6][7]

Needless to say, his aggressiveness and condescending attitude got him nowhere, Grust, countered his statements with this reply:

Before I start let me say, I usually don't waste my time talking to SJWs, in fact I just block them when I'm on Breitbart. First off many of my articles have links to prove my points, something you conviently failed to mention, including Quinnspiracy and Anita Sarkeesian. In fact if you look at some of the videos on Anita Sarkeesian's video (which we know you won't), you'd see that there are even women criticizing her. Second, I have actually played World of Warcraft with some women in the guilds with far higher ranks than me that hate feminazies and SJWs like you. We've even had fun with it the whole patriarchy BS whenever I donated supplies for the guild. Third, hate speech, nice try hate speech now pretty much means, anyone who disagrees with SJW ideology. Also Rational Wiki, I looked at that piece of crap once and never went back as I'm not dumb enough to fall it. In fact, no one cares what SJWs think anymore. That should have been made obvious when Donald Trump became president. Finally, ooh wow misogynist and racist huh? The two words you people make every single time you lose an argument. Already knew you were full of crap when you made this message. Nice try but thanks to SJWs those words no longer have any meaning to me. Watch this, "I'm the happiest little racist in Racist town, where the misogynists run wild and free." I've already seen your new wiki and honestly go ahead and make it, won't hurt my feelings and you're free to do whatever you want there. Even if I wasn't blocked I know where I'm not wanted and wouldn't have went there anyway.

Grust soon had him permanently blocked.[8]

I suppose it's a good thing that Grust locked those pages a long time ago due to previous vandalism by another SJW, otherwise PKMNLivesNew would have changed them to fit his narrative.

Of course, being hot-headed as he is, PKMN immediately tried to find methods to retaliate. Each as pathetic as the previous. The first attempt is to create a duplicate wiki named New Crappy Games Wiki, advertising it on both Terrible TV Shows Wiki (where we simply laughed it off) and RationalWiki (where no one gave a flying f***).[9] Out of curiosity, I decided to head to his Wiki and try to engage in conversation with him, as my knowledge of SJWs is only acquired from other's commentary on the Internet.

Soon I found out that the various claims about SJWs I've heard about are true, at least for this guy.

The first thing I did was to leave a comment on his smear page on GamerGate (a very poorly done one even for GG smear article standard, getting multiple "facts" wrong):

Kudos on creating your own wiki, although I have to say this is nothing but crude. What I'm seeing is a personal rant instead of a informative article, and that pretty much defeats the whole point of the wiki.

This is 2018, not 2014, things are different now. And you are fighting a loosing war.

I wasn't even remotely surprised when PKMNLivesNew banned me (the reason he gave was that I was posting misogyny, LOL), accused me of ad hominem (I doubt that RationalWiki even knows what ad hominem is since they have a page calling it out but still uses it all the bloody time) as well as argumentum ad populum (despite the fact that he's doing just that) and demand that we "talk" on my talk page.

Well, when I said "talk", I meant the two of us competing to be the bigger dickwolf.

It boils down to an outright hilarious argument between the two of us, with PKMN claiming that supporting GG = Misogyny and video games are "virulently misogynistic" (arguments that are as overused as those Harambe memes), trying to use companies like Nintendo as a moral compass in true Vox Media style, and when I demanded evidence he simply gave me a screencap of some random dude on Twitter calling GG a harassment campaign, even more ridiculous is that he DEMANDED ME TO DO THE SAME and find some random nonsense on Twitter! I, on the other hand, tried to call him out for lack of sourcing, false accusations and factual inaccuracies (GG started with the Zoe Post, not a 4chan raid. GG's mainly against game journalists who are mostly male, etc.). Later on, our old friend Unnamedgoon also joined the fun.

Eventually, the argument ended: PKMN found out that he couldn't best me and decided to shut down the argument with the excuse being that I accused him of bigotry (you are calling the writer an insult, INSULTS AIN'T ALLOWED) despite the fact that he started our argument by calling me a bigot.

By the time his New Crappy Games Wiki got shut down, it only had four pages, two being shoddier versions of pages we already have, one being the equally shoddy smear page on GG, and a project page on a smear article on us (which is probably the reason). The page was actually quite funny as PKMN actually tried to make it into some grand group project, complete with reaction pages and all. But of course, it stayed as a planning page for the rest of the wiki's life as PKMN seems to be too lazy to work on this wiki himself and no one else cared about his petty vendetta.

The One-Man War Continues

Of course, his pathetic attempt at attacking our wiki only brought us a good laugh, and most of us forgot about him soon after. But being the small-minded man he is, PKMNLivesNew continued to wage war against us. Since he got gagged on Crappy Games Wiki, his own little wiki served no purpose other than entertaining us. He decided to target Grust on other platforms, an attempt that only paint him in a worse light than he already is in and will come back and bite him in the rear end hard.

First, he attempted to pester Grust on Animated Muscle Man Wiki, which is another wiki Grust has founded[10], needless to say, it ended as well as you'd expect. Unwilling to give up, he created a sockpuppet account[11] to continue his pointless vandalism, and that was put to an end very quickly.

Then it appears that FINALLY PKMNLivesNew has gained the intelligence of a grown man and decided to use legit methods to get back at Grust and Crappy Games Wiki, he heads out onto Community Central to complain about how "oppressed" he was.[12] This resulted in a rare case of FANDOM staff interfering with an admin's block, claiming that the reason he was blocked (SJW/Feminazi) is "hateful".

The victory for PKMNLivesNew was short-lived however, as we were quick to bring up the fact that he has harassed Grust and abusing multiple accounts for trolling and vandalism. This immediately got the staff to authorize us to re-block PKMN, stating that "harassment has no place on FANDOM".

Butthurt, PKMN decided to be stupid AGAIN and pester Grust AGAIN on Community Central.[13] But this time, Grust didn't even bother to reply and simply removed the thread.[14]

With that settled, things seem to revert back to normal, we continued to goof about on Crappy Games Wiki, PKMN went on to wasting his time causing drama with another dramatic user, pestering MiiFan2004 (a.k.a. Just Wage on Miraheze) over getting blocked on Atrocious YouTubers Wiki (with predictable results) and creating Fanon on Wiki. He also created the What's Going On In the Communities... Wiki where he tried to cover controversies occurring in other communities, which, by the time of its closure, had an astounding large page count of... ONE (yeah, that's the homepage).

The Climax

Then came the turmoil of September 2018, where FANDOM shut down our wiki due to a policy change -- apparently some spineless higher-ups decided that no negative or critical content deserves a place on FANDOM, in case somebody decides to sue them and cost them their precious ad revenue.

However, most of us aren't aware of the true reason behind the closure and were left much confused over the situation as CGW was considered to be a safe wiki just a few weeks ago, until someone dug up a blog PKMN made on Community Central titled "My Involvement in Ending Crappy Games Wiki", where, in the most glorious dance of projection I've ever seen, PKMN bragged about the whole incident, taking literally all the credit of closing down the wiki and acting like as if he managed to rid the planet of all pollution or something (because he happened to report CGW to FANDOM staff just mere hours before its closure), all the while labeling us as "toxic", "misogynistic basement dwellers" and "Nazi supporters" etc. The comment section, on the other hand, was overrun by fellow CGW users calling him out for his BS (Note: reference is not available at this point as FANDOM staff removed the blog for stirring up too much drama).

Needless to say, all of us were outraged and started to conjure plans to enact revenge against PKMN. I decided that first, we must reestablish ourselves on other platforms such as Miraheze, since FANDOM is now considered insecure and untrustworthy, and, in the meantime, keep an eye on PKMN as his tendency to cause drama and swelling ego will land him in trouble sooner or later.

Other users such as Breakin' Benny, Z Grand, and Piggyracer, decided to call out PKMN for his nonsense face-to-face on Community Central, but being overcharged with self-righteousness and hubris, PKMN simply fired back with even more non-sensical arguments composed mainly of lies, slander, and argumentum ad populum.[15] This ended up causing a LOT of commotion which annoyed FANDOM staff to no end.

Other users, however, decided to commit account suicide by going to Community Central to troll and harass PKMN, landing them swiftly in a block. This, in turn, annoyed some of us to no end.

News of the closure of Crappy Games Wiki spread quickly and soon found its way onto Kiwi Farms[16] where it attracted the attention of GethN7, founder of All the Tropes. He offered assistance to help us re-establish CGW (which we were more than happy to accept) and some of PKMN's dirty little secret: turns out the idea of reporting wasn't even his, before that, he tried to rally RationalWiki users to his stupid cause AGAIN by trying to persuade them to raid CGW[17] (funny how in all of his declarations of war he always end with the word "Peace"). Despite their tendency to bow down to sensibility instead of rationality, RW users are defiantly not stupid enough to fall for this.

This, of course, was interpreted by me and Grand Albert as an opportunity, which we used to report him to FANDOM, this ended as well as you'd expect as an off-site behavior is not enough for staff to sanction him.

However, even before we received that reply, karma strikes like the b*%$& she is.

Despite the fact that FANDOM staff are getting tired of all this drama and began to block users for just talking to PKMN, even more users than ever are now dogpiling him, clearly with the mindset that they have nothing more to lose. These attempts only fuelled the flames of PKMN's arrogance even further, and now he's bragging even more, constantly reminding us that he's doing the right thing out of "responsibility" and for "fighting sexism and fighting libel and defamation" and that he's AN RW USER (as if being part of RW makes you super-rational or something). Eventually, Brandon Rhea, seeing that PKMN is too foolish to realize that the only way to halt the rage of trolls is to IGNORE THEM, decided to step in.[18] Rhea also made it quite clear that PKMN played NO PART in closing down CGW like how he liked us to believe and warned PKMN not to boast about how he's an RW user all the damn time or else he'll be sanctioned for off-site promotion and personal advertising.

Well, that warning is like a bucket full of ice-cold water being flung at PKMNLivesNew, drowsing the flames of his ego. In fact, this annoyed him so much that he went on to RW to complain about how he's being "censored".[19]

To his surprise, the RW-ians are even more furious at him that we are.[20]

In fact, they are so furious at this moron for dragging their ENTIRE WEBSITE into his "stupid and childish crapfest" that they came to FANDOM personally and reported him to Brandon Rhea.[21]

Instead of begging for forgiveness when facing the ire of both RW and FANDOM, UglyRat tried to shrug off responsibility and pin the blame on us instead, as if we were the ones who forced him to do it or something.[22]

Seeing that Brandon Rhea was convinced that RW took no part in UglyRat's folly, RW was relieved that this whole thing will eventually bow over. However, some people are not willing to forgive UglyRat for his idiocy just yet and BANNED HIM PERMANENTLY FROM RATIONALWIKI.[23]

This is no doubt a severe blow to him, even if the sysops of RW didn't disable his account creation capabilities, they have made quite clear that he's no longer welcome anymore. And it seems that he has gone quiet on FANDOM as well.

Game Over?

For UglyRat, his ballad's ending is worse for him than Deal and Revenge combined. Not only did he got kicked off a site he's literally addicted to, but also nearly none of the things he wanted to see came to reality: despite the fact that Crappy Games Wiki got kicked off FANDOM, he literally played no part in the closure of at contrary to what he foolishly came to believe, and it took only 3 days for the wiki to be re-established on Miraheze -- a platform running on more powerful software that is not three years out of date and taken care of by someone who has more experience with editing that nearly all of us combined.

Now he's most likely lurking somewhere in the dusty corners of the Internet, butthurt and probably plotting revenge and scripting for a blog claiming that it's OUR fault that he got kicked off RW. But who will he write it to? His own wiki got shut down AGAIN, he couldn't do so on RW as they'll simply banish him again, he can't do that on Community Central as people there are clearly fed up of his drama already, neither could he do that on Wiki as they've made it quite clear that he couldn't.[24] He can try and come here, but Miraheze's only policy on censorship is that the content must be LEGAL to discuss, and judging from what GethN7 said, the stewards here will be most likely EVEN LESS eager to deal with PKMN's narrative pushing.

So the question is: Is this whole mess truly over? I don't know what you think, but I hope it is.

Maybe Not...

Turns out I was wrong, we have all underestimated PKMN's sheer stubbornness. At the beginning of January 2020, PKMN decided to restart this 2 year-old grudge once again by leaving this message titled "Haven't i warned you all?" on our wiki's talk page:

"The project so called "Reception Wikis" is an excusable way to be rude against others, what you all are doing is completely foul. The Reception Wikis are a terrible way to "criticize" stuff like games, movies and such. I believe this so-called "project" is discriminating against SJW's, which I personally am. Blocking people for being a type of person? Rude! I advise you to also take down this wiki (if not all the Reception Wikis) before i call the Miraheze staff members to block you all and destroy your projects once again, remember in FANDOM? Oh yeah..."

Kaynedenny put a stop to him before he could stir up any sort of drama.

Honestly, I found it quite ironic that someone like PKMN is fit to call out people for "rudeness", after all this is a person who uses RationalWiki, a website that abuses the ad hominem fallacy like cocaine, as his Mao's little red book. We've all seen how he speaks to people he disagrees with. He even had the audacity to cry "discrimination" while he, on the other hand, had no qualms labelling us as "sexist", "Neo-Nazis" and "basement dwellers" even though only a handful of us even cared about GamerGate. One aspect that this NPC lacks in his coding is the fact that we here are a community, and it's not normal for communities to welcome people who are openly hostile to it. SJWs have proven again and again that they are our enemies, they attempted to manipulate our hobbies to spread their own twisted agendas, they came to our sites to vandalize our articles and attack our users instead of engaging in debate or civil conversation. And in the case of PKMN, he repeatedly attacked our founder at any given oppertunity and actively tried to brigade us and shut us down.

In the end, I'm just as confused as you guys are on what the hell happened to PKMNLivesNew to turn him into such a caricature of a SJW. He represents the negative stereotypes of SJWs to the point of parody. He's condescending, elitist, trigger happy, loves to apply double standards, desires to censor people for "wrongthink", incapable of admitting his own mistakes and constantly tries to push blame onto someone else, sticks to the most absurd of SJW claims like superglue and refuses to let go even when contradictory facts take form of a hydrogen bomb and detonates in his face. I suppose this is what happens when people take joke websites like RationalWiki too seriously.




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