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In migrating over here, I decided to change my screen name to ThunderKat; it rolls off the tongue a lot better I think. It makes a lot more sense since Kat is amongst my favourite video game characters.

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Earlier today, I completed Bioshock Infinite on 1999 mode, also getting the "Scavenger Hunt" achievement on Xbox 360, and I have to say: it wasn't anywhere near as hard as I remember it being the first time I beat the difficulty on PS3. Sure, I died a few times, but I didn't struggle as much, nor did I get as pissed off at any point. I'm not sure what changed about it, though; maybe it wasn't as hard as I remember, or maybe I've simply become a much player since that 1999 playthrough I did years ago.

I feel that with age and time, our perception of games we used to find hard changes, and we find we have more experiences with them when we return to them at a later date.

Have any of you guys felt this way about a game you used to find really hard?



19 days ago
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Honestly, I don't give a damn about getting achievements or trophies in video games, because all I wanna do is have fun and enjoy the game itself. No more, no less.

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