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Disclaimer I do not condone any sorts of harassment,threats or rally calls against any groups that i am criticizing. I will not block you if you are part of this group.

So if you know me personally i made it no secret of my disgust towards furries/otherkin but what is it that made me hate an entire subgroup? I do admit that the page on rotten websites wiki was partially made out of spite but future editing made it unbiased and it also show both sides of the argument as well to make your own judgement. But why is it that i am completely disgusted by them? This page i create is like the part 2 of my anime sjw rant.

Reason 1: Sexual immoralities

If you go anywhere on the internet you are bound to find r34 of any kind. Heres the thing while whatever it is you do in private thats your business if its legal but these people make it no secret online and they have a habit of sharing their embarrassing secrets to public spaces on social media. One online account in particular on twitter is so disgusting that even mentioning it could be a violation of the rules here. But you'll know what i am talking about if you are familiar with a certain user on twitter who posts this kind of "stuff".

The art drawings they do is very grotesque and also not even good hell even Hentai artists wouldn't even stoop to that level of quality. Its not just in tumblr you see this on you also see this is twitter and certain private groups of furries on facebook.

The fetishes oh god i don't even want to describe it's all self explanatory they just love to post degrading stuff online for the entire internet to see and they don't even feel embarrassed in the slightest posting these filth they take part in.

Some of these people wear baby diapers and yes it is full sometimes and this is not due to any stomach related issues. This is out of a purely twisted fetish. Vore as well too is another common thing and basically its a cannibalism fetish mixed with obesity.

Incest is also very prevalent and there is many art online relating to furry incest. One such image i found was a father proposing to his young son to marry him.

Alot of pedos are in the community as well too and the rituals they are involved in you really would not want to know.

I personally find fetishes of any kind to be completely disgusting and just stuff that anybody with uncommon sense and basic morality would do.

Reason 2: Poor personal conduct

This rule also applies to many other fan groups as well like Weeaboos or NPCS.

Out in public some of them would be around kids parks and sometimes they would even spy on kids. They would pass themselves off as friendly mascots but leave them alone with kids and they are more than likely to try something with them.

They also like to harass certain social media accounts like Tony The Tiger begging them to "Yiff them" to the point that the kellogs pr team had to block users for harassing the account and eventually leaving twitter. They then had to go after Chester the cheetah and Chester is alot more lenient with them then Tony. This event was known as #Tonythetigergate Sometimes they can't even differentiate between the difference between reality and fiction and they actually act like animals and bite people. Theft isn't uncommon either one case i found is one furry stealing animals wandering around and having them as their own pets. (PSA Don't leave your pets unattended and please for the love of sithis if you don't plan on breeding them Spay or Neuter them.)

And there is also rainfurrest. If you think about all of the people who were kicked out of conventions for rule violations would end up this would be it. Bodily fluids being all over the place like the pool,washrooms being flooded,pizza being thrown around and it got to the point that this convention is now permanently now closed down for better.

They are also very pushy and they take things way too seriously if you even criticize the slightest flaw in the group they will witchhunt you and dox your own personal info online.

These are the same kinds of people who would call an otaku like me or any of my friends here a toxic individual yet they go around doing the kind of shit i mentioned here.

Reason 3: Animal Offenses

Ironic isn't it? These same that are all for animal rights are doing completely the opposite with animals.

There is one such furry in particular Kero The Wolf in leaked texts he was involved in assorted behaviors and is involved in one online group with a circle of associates involved in various sexual crimes and immoralities.

One such disgusting video i've seen was a furry eating an entire live rat at whole. Another such furry was a devinatart user who in a google hangout shown his group of friends a certain "activity" with his dog on a stream.

Its not just limited to live also deceased animals too.

I love animals as much as the next person but thats not love thats a fetish. Animal cruelety of any kind just like domestic abuse in any kind is totally disgusting.

Reason 4: Politics

I'm apolitical in every aspect of my life and i will continue to do so.

They are either 2 extremes far right or far left.

Go on any social media page and you'll sometimes see these people bitching about what flavor of the day they are triggered with. Bonus plus if they have their pronouns in the bio and a alphabet soup of assorted stuff they "identify with". I remember seeing one such furry had the nerve to ask Kamiya to remove the gore and sexual content of Bayonetta only to be blocked. Another time was calling all gamers disgusting.

Cyberpunk 2077 many of the faux outraged people were none other but these people complaining about the content of Cyberpunk 2077 and also because the cd projekt red people are pretty anti sjw like all of us here and they made a joke about "assuming gender" Sonic The Hedgehog twitter made that joke but they just carried on creating jokes and not caring about the faux outrage.

On the other side of the extreme there is a group of Nazi furries not people who are interested in world history but people who actually do support Nazi ideology.

One video i found from a furry was about bringing back Child Labor as in something that would be considered illegal and immoral in todays standards. And its not about kids selling lemonade at your local neighborhood.

Politics in general are just complete cancer and never something i would want to get myself involved in at all.

Did i ever interacted with a furry?

Never its the same principle i have with sjws or extremists of any kind do not interact with them at all in any way and just block and ignore them completely and go about your day. I don't even use or care about social media at all actually especially considering the stuff i mentioned on this page.

Are there furries in the reception wikis maybe but in comparison most of us here are anti sjws,apoltical and pro gamergate supporters with a complete distaste towards the mainstream media and hollywood. I have my own very small set of friends here and we all just discuss about whatever games we are playing or shows we watched but thats about it nothing at all to do with politics i don't interact with really anybody else but them.

The similar question could be ask would i play video games with animal characters or like animal protagonist anime. No i really can't for the life of me not even nekotare or cosplay either.


This is the summary to why i am disgusted with them. I will continue to update this periodically and i am willing to hear your own personal side of the story of why you find furries disgusting as well and your own personal encounters with them. If you are a ex furry what was the incident that made you go rogue feel free to comment me.

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