My Least Favoutite Final Fantasy Characters To Use In Battle

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Thief Class - Final Fantasy 1

The Thief class has fuck all going for him, No Steal ability, No Magic, Weaker attacks than the Fighter, Black Belt or hell even the Red Mage and his evasion stat isn't enough to make up for it. He does become the Ninja and gain some Black Magic but by then it still sin't as useful as the Paladin and his White Magic for instance.

Cid - Final Fantasy 4

Cid can do 2 things, Attack and Analyze, And that's about it.

Analyze can easily be replaced with Libra and even as a straight up attacker he isn't as good at it as Yang or Cecil. His weapon choice is crappy as Hammers have shit accuracy and do slightly Random Damage.

Harley - Final Fantasy 4 After Years

She could've been so much better but as is she fucking sucks. She has the stats and equipment of a mage and yet she learns fuck all magic. The abilities she has are subpar. Gil Toss which does damage but at the cost of your savings and Piercing Light which gives enemies a weakness but fails against bosses.

Hackers have found that she was supposed to have a couple more skills, Knowledge which made items more powerful and she would've have gotten Blue Magic which both would've made her more useful, But as it stands she looks like an unfinished character.

Umaro - Final Fantasy 6

Umaro has only one strategy


As he is under a permanent beserker rage, He also can't equip anything except for 2 relics, He can't learn magic and he can't equip any Espers at all.

Vincent Valentine - Final Fantasy 7

There are 2 things that separate a character in FF7

Their Ultimate Weapons and Limit Breaks

Unfortunately he's fucked in both categories. His ultimate weapon does shit damage until he kills a fuckton of enemies ( It's damaged is based on how many enemies you kill) and his Limit Breaks would've been useful if you could actually control them, Also they sometimes attack with element meaning you can actually heal the enemies (Like the Materia Keeper boss you fight shortly after you get him) and to top it off he only gets 4 as opposed to most others 7, plus the fact that Cloud and Cid's do much more damage.

Cait Sith - From the Same Game as Vincent

I'll keep this one short. His only good stat is magic, His weapons are subpar at best and his limit breaks require an assload of luck in order to do anything worthwhile, Plus he only learns 2 of them.

Eiko - Final Fantasy 9

She only gets half as many summons as Garnet/Dagger and worse yet Garnet gets all the better damaging ones so she doesn't even have quality over quantity in that department and she may need boost to make up for it (Though she does have access to Phoenix). BTW Boost costs 12 Orb Points but she also has the lowest Orb Point total.

In the magic department the only things she has over Garnet is Full Life, Holy and Party Wide Haste with Carbuncle, But they're are other ways to revive party members (such as Amarants Revive and Concentrated life) and even with Holy Vivi is still a more consistent Nuker.

Kimahri - Final Fantasy 10

His set up depends solely on which part of the sphere grid. But unfortunately for him everybody else has their roles covered very well meaning that his versatility is basically made superfluous.

Feel free to tell your least favourite in Final Fantasy.

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