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A guy from Slovenia, who likes games, Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, Anime and music what else there's to say.

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Note: This is a fake game, don't take it seriously, you can edit it but don't vandalize it, i'm watching you vandals, watching you!!

Miraheze Online
Fake game.png
this game is so bad, that it takes you're money.
Protagonist: Various Miraheze users.
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Mac Os X, Linux, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: February 4th, 2039
Game Engine: Source
Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Made in: Canada
Franchise: Miraheze

Miraheze Online is an Free to play Online FPS game, developed by Respawn Entertainment later shifted to Bioware and published by Electronic Arts.

A mobile version was announced to be released on late 2040 on Android, Ios and Huwawei phones.

Why it Sucks

  1. Despite being Free to play, The Playstation and the Nintendo switch version's of the game require a PS Plus or a Nintendo Switch online subrscription respectively, despite the fact most games on said consoles that are free to play don't require the subscription to play online, not to mention if you don't have the subscription you can only play the training and the tutorial mode, the training mode also only has a few playable maps and game modes.
    • But it will get worse in the next few pointers.
  2. The game's graphics are absoulutely gross, it runs on a extremely outdated build of the source engine, not to mention the Source 2 engine was already out by then, the models of the characters look ugly, with awful low res textures, the assets, are just flipped from Counter Strike Source and Half Life 2 respectievly, they didn't even bother to create they're own assets, the only original assets are for some of the weapons and the character models, other than that they just got lazy and decided to make it an asseet flip.
    • The Nintendo Switch version looks even worse.
  3. Most of the games content, game mode and items are locked behind paywalls, and the only way to unlock them is to pay for them, and most of them are overpriced, players we're forced to waste they're money on the unlockables because of this, many even reported that they almost lost all of they're moneys on they're Credit Card and Paypal accounts because of this, this is even worse on the PS and the Switch versions as it is increased due to them requiring the subscriptions.
  4. It's just a shotty inferior wanna be of other more popular online games, like TF2, Fortnite, COD Warzone, Counter Strike etc, most of the game's game modes are just rip offs of the said games, the most notible being the battle royale mode ripping off Warzone and Fortnite not to mention, they barely even try to innovate anything they just plaigerise anything from what they've seen, they're aren't anything unique in these games.
  5. Awful one liners from the Miraheze users, most of the time, they just randomly swear and make dumb puns to the point where they get annoying, not to mention most of the characters sound like they don't want to be in this game.
  6. The game's developement was awful, Originally it was supposed to be developed by Respawn Entertainment, before they switched to Bioware, when Respawn made it, they've decided to make the purchasable items only optional, as they could be unlocked normally, but when it was switched to Bioware, it became complete pay to win.
  7. Awful framerate, the PC version runs poorly even on the most powerful computers, and it can often crash, though it runs slightly better on Linux, it's still does not work well, The Nintendo Switch version runs in a total of 12 FPS not even the PS4, PS5, Xbox one and the Series X versions are safe from these.
    • The optimization is so bad that it makes the optimization in GTA 4, The Sims 3 and Far Cry: Primal look more like GTA 5, The Sims 4 and Far Cry 5.
  8. Awful sound design, the weapons sound like cheap toys than actual weapons, also the Ak 47 sounds more like a Uzi Sub machine gun.
  9. Awful gameplay, that just rips off other games mentioned earlier, the movement is often times so slow, the weapons don't pose a threat, the tactics are often cheap and unfair, and it just feels generic.
  10. Awful map design, the corridors are often repeated, not to mention some of the maps are just reskins of existing maps in the game, and the desert map is a complete reskin of the DE_DUST map from the Counter Strike games, the maps also feel really dead due to the ugly color pallete, and the fortress map is a reskin of the CP_Dustbowl from Team Fortress 2.
  11. The game's size is 66.50 GB'S!!!!, also the console version takes time to install it's content, not to mention many users needed to make too much space to even run the game.
  12. Bad controls, also because of this the aiming is often hard.
  13. The updates don't improve the game at all, all they do is add pointless content, like Characters and content from other Games, Movies, Shows, Cartoons and Anime, not to mention most of them feel out of place in the game, the cartoon and anime ones on the other hand, make it out of place due to using cel-shading and compare to everything else in the game it looks strange.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The game's premise is rather interesting.
  2. The menu music is so awesome and epic.
  3. Some of the lines can be considered so bad they're hilarious.
  4. The Deathrun maps feature Grust controlling the traps, which is amazing and a unique choice.
    • In addition he even taunts the players if you fail.
  5. The story missions, while horribly designed, do have an awesome story that is worth experiencing.


The game was universally panned by critics and gamers, except from IGN, who again don't know what they are talking about and gave the game an 8/10. It forced many people to refund the game, because of how much content they wasted on.


Mr. Dready


  • Fight’em on!
  • Rock ’n’ Roll!
  • Let’s Dance!


  • Fuck!
  • Oh Shit!
  • *Short grunt*
  • Noooooo!!!
  • Oh shit!
  • Dang!
  • Ungh!
  • Ohhh!!
  • Blob.... BLOOOB:..... BLOOOOOOOBLOOOOO (Drowning)
  • Eurgh!
  • UGHH!


  • I feel stronger!
  • Come fight me now!
  • Dare to stop me!? HUH!?
  • It’s burger time. NOM!
  • Dance with me.
  • All hail god.


  • Stick together team.
  • I hear something.
  • What is the hell is th-



  • Oh yeah!
  • Let's go!
  • Let's rock!


  • This sucks!
  • What a massive scum.
  • Whoring balls!
  • Godammit!
  • I can't believe...
  • It's over...


  • Ahh! Kitzz... Oof...
  • Raggghh!!...
  • Aaahhhhhh!!! (Falling on a endless pit)
  • Blob... Blob... Blobloblobloblo.... (Drowning)
  • Aiyeeee...
  • Aoff!..


  • Level Up!
  • Power Rose!
  • Power to the point!
  • Let's fire!
  • Time for a barbecue!
  • Who want some burgers?
  • That's spicy and hot.
  • Let's end this now!


  • Beware Dready, this place is full of spiny creatures around this canyon.
  • Let's make them blast into oblivion!
  • It's time for the power of team work!



  • Yeet!
  • Oh yeah baby!
  • Piece o' cake!


  • Owie.
  • Dang.
  • 'Crying noises'
  • Well that sucked.
  • You bully!
  • You (Censored) of a (Censored)! When I'm done with you I'm gonna (Censored)!


  • Hey, OW, that really hur- (Killed mid-sentence)
  • Please stop hurting m- (Blown up mid-sentence)
  • 'Gasp'....'Wheeze'...... (Drowning)
  • Oh goodne-
  • AAAAAAAAAUUOOUH! (The Wilhelm scream)


  • BOOM!
  • Da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-nahhhhh (Trying to sing the Final Fantasy victory music)
  • I win! Now give me my money!
  • Power-Up!
  • Victory is Mine!
  • Finish Him!
  • Woo-hoo!


  • Free perogies for everyone!
  • Hey, look at me. It's gonna be okay.
  • Are you there, do you copy? It's me, TB.


  • The game was banned in a few regions because of it's pay to win stuff and other offensive features.




9 days ago
Score 2

Wait you can play as various Miraheze users?!

【Take my money】


8 days ago
Score 1
I wonder who is the strongest one.


8 days ago
Score 1
One thing's for sure, we need to lock them behind a pay wall, or lootbox


8 days ago
Score 1
I died at WIR#1. 😂🤣

Mr. Dready

7 days ago
Score 0
Don’t you mean WIS#1?


7 days ago
Score 2
It's even worse than GTA Online.

Mr. Dready

7 days ago
Score 0

Mr. Dready

7 days ago
Score 0
I’m planning to make another one which would be a kart racer.


6 days ago
Score 0
I'm now in this monstrosity of a game.

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