List of Historical Inaccuracies in Battlefield V's Reveal Trailer

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Well, Battlefield V’s controversy has pretty much blown over now. When I got whiff of this whole dumpster fire, I decided to check out the trailer and see how many historical errors I can find. And after some more reviews and resource gathering. I found that there are even more errors than I’ve thought, as well as glaring logical errors. Here’s a more complete list I’ve came up:

The original video:

0:15 — It’s widely known that soldiers will take literally anything as trophies of war, here the beer makes sense, but a severed horse statue head and a teddy bear?

0:17 — I’m glad that disabled people are being represented in this game. As far as we know, the only women fighting on the front lines are resistance fighters and Soviets. She’s dress more or less like a pirate so we can excuse her as a resistance fighter. But as far as I know, mechanical arms are a VERY recent invention.

  • Update: I have received corrections that the woman's left arm is just a contemporary prosthesis arm. It's just the look and the animation (which is shared with that of a normal arm) makes it resemble a mechanical one. This, however, will still count as an inaccuracy, as no matter how advanced, a prosthesis arm is no where near as fluid as your own bone and flesh one. Also, I've heard of disabled people flying Spitfires but never fighting on the front lines.

0:35 — So, a British paratrooper with a katana? I can excuse a Japanese weapon as a trophy of war he collected back when he’s still stationed in South East Asia. But this golden hilt looks too luxurious even for the highest ranking of Japanese officers.

0:38 — Now we have two Churchill tanks approaching. The leading one is a Mark III Churchill Petard AVRE. The second one is a Mark I Churchill Gun Carrier, it has a QF 3 inch 20 cwt anti-aircraft gun mounted on a fixed 88 mm (3.5 in) thick superstructure. Only 50 of these have existed and none of them saw action.

0:42 — Isn’t she dead already?

0:44 — Does that look like 15 mph to you? As far as I knew, that’s the Churchill’s top speed. These two look like they’re going at 30 mph.

0:48 — So the Americans are using Kettenkrads now? Great!

0:52 — That Valentine is towing a Flak 37 for some reason.

0:55 — Can someone identify that Bf 109’s livery for me? I’ve found records of Bf 109s with red noses or with red vertical tail stripes but none with both.

0:57 — So now a Tiger is fighting alongside the British? Which side are we suppose to be on?

1:16 — That muzzle brake on the MG42 is wrong.

1:19 — I’ll just say that Pak 40 is captured by the brits.

1:24 — So we’re charging with the Germans now? Our siding is quite messed up.

1:34 — Lucky shot? Also, the Bf 109 E is more interceptor than fighter bomber, and even if it’s on a bombing/strafing run, Germans are not that desperate in showing off their skills by flying so low.

1:39 — So now the Japanese have joined in the fun, this really is Fortnite WWII edition.

1:40 — The Japanese have started team killing like they're in an alternative history anime or some crap, and somehow the Germans are behind us.

1:47 — V1s are not tactical weapons, they’re only used in strategic bombing.

1:50 — I don't think V1s have delayed detonation like this. Test detonation footage told me so.

1:56 — Who the fuck is this guy? Probably the pilot from the Bf 109 that crashed at 1:05? Also, if you are unarmed and stranded on the battlefield, will you take your time and strangle your opponent, or just grab the nearest rock and smash his face in?

2:02 — Tactical cricket bat is tactical.



28 months ago
Score 2
Just specifying here. The "mechanical arm" is a real prosthesis that existed in that era.


28 months ago
Score 0
Thanks for the heads up, I can see that they are similar in overall design but far less sophisticated. The mechanical arm that appears in the trailer appears to be as functional as our modern day equivalent.

Evil Tim

28 months ago
Score 1
it is real, but if you watch how it's animated it's just using stock animations for a normal arm, including the hook-fingers curling around the rifle after she falls out of the window.

Pinky Malinky

28 months ago
Score 0
I didn't like the trailer because I was very confused of what was going on.


27 months ago
Score 0
SJWs want history to change. Strange isn't it?


17 months ago
Score 0
Very strange. SJWs really hate historical accuracy.


17 months ago
Score 0
And hatred for historical accuracy is considered as Social Darwinism and historical censorship. It's also against culture.

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