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I have to say, I did not really think that this was going to happen but here we are now. Regardless, I am ready to take my position as a new admin of this wiki and enforce new rules and user rights that this wiki should have had previously.

Admin Experience

  1. Atrocious YouTubers Wiki (Current)
  2. Incredible Wikis and Users Wiki (Current)
  3. The Outcast Network Discord (Current)
  4. Reception Wikis Discord (Recent and Current)
  5. The Fandoms & Hatedoms Wiki Database (TF&HW Discord(Current))

What are things I will bring to this wiki?

  1. No more indefinite blocks for minor or smaller offenses. Users will now be given temporary blocks that will increase the more they have to be blocked (which will indeed go up to indefinite).
  2. Rudeness and malicious behavior will be taken with a heavier tone given many blocks in the past not aging very well as things like criticism were mistaken for harassment and attacks.
  3. No more automatic disabling of talk pages for temporarily blocked users. Users should have the ability to talk with admins to make sure they have learned from their mistakes and get a better understanding of why they were blocked.
  4. Pages should usually be auto confirmed user locked if needed, but admin locks should only be temporary due to many unfair protections for certain pages like Roblox and Hunt Down the Freeman.
    • However, if a certain user is simply causing edit wars on a page only they will need to be blocked from editing the page. if it is multiple users then a temporary lock will be needed.
  5. Featured articles on the front page will be changed due to having the same two articles for far too long. New articles will be pages made on recent games and controversies.
  6. Don't play favorites. The user at fault regardless of who it is will receive punishment in the event of a possible conflict.

Getting to Know Me Better

  1. I own an orange tabby cat name Hobbs.
  2. No siblings and only one parent, a mother.
  3. I own a Nintendo DS (lost it), 3DS, Wii (laser disc reader broke, sadly), Wii U, Switch and PlayStation 4.
  4. I have no true favorite video game and keep changing the one that I love the most from time to time.
  5. I am asexual.
  6. My favorite video game genre is RPG.
  7. My favorite wiki is this wiki itself and my least favorite is Atrocious Deviants Wiki (now dead).
  8. No, I am NOT a gray pony wearing glasses.
  9. I am working on a Discord bot named RoboGhettas (named after my second alias, Ghettas).
  10. Other things about me can be found on my user page.

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