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Name: Wiki Vengeance

NOTE: As you can tell, it's not exactly finished.


It's a nice day with the wikis until PKMNLivesNew came to shut them down and succeeded so they moved to Miraheze. This doesn't make PKMNLivesNew happy so he hires 4 users to go shut down wikis on Miraheze and succeeded. Grust makes a team of 5 users him included to go take down each member. They are known as the Wiki-Vengers

The members of the Wiki-Vengers (Note: The users mentioned are those involved in a wiki that got shut down

  1. Grust (The Leader)
  2. Pacsonic9000
  3. DutchessTheSponge
  4. Mickey Mouse (User)

The bosses

  1. willgsucksdik
  2. Inkster
  3. Life_Tutor
  4. wilig

The Final Boss

  1. PKMNLivesNew

The battles in order of appearance

  1. Pacsonic9000 VS Life_Tutor(Closer of Crummy Scratchers Wiki, Crappy Scratch Projects Wiki, and Vapid Scratch Studios Wiki as well as caused mass blockings on Scratch)
  2. DutchessTheSponge VS Inkster(Went rogue and shut down Awful Deviants Wiki
  3. VS willgsucksdik(Closer of Unfavorable Wikis and Users Wiki, Horrible Vyonders Wiki,
  4. VS wilig
  5. Grust VS PKMNLivesNew



20 days ago
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Hey, sorry for the late response, but this sounds like a pretty cool concept.

I can imagine Grust having dark and sinister powers and being a dark lord (despite being a good guy), because we all know how he is, and I can also imagine PKMNLivesNew having powers of light and looking like a noble knight, despite being evil.

Since Grust is basically a psychopath demon from hell, we gotta have him fight someone who's the opposite of him, right?

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