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In migrating over here, I decided to change my screen name to ThunderKat; it rolls off the tongue a lot better I think. It makes a lot more sense since Kat is amongst my favourite video game characters.

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I've made my presence known over the past few days, but I might as well make my return official in a blog post.

That said, I will be on here in a much smaller capacity since: a) my nation has gone into lockdown again for the next 6 weeks (at least), b) I have a few games I'm going to be catching up on (thanks to the 80% discount on PS Plus, I've decided to check out the two Bubsy titles for a little more than seven quid), and c) I'm going to focus a little bit on losing weight and learning to cook.

I will periodically return to post comments on a few pages, make the odd edit here and there, and share my opinions on certain subjects in a blog.



3 months ago
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Good to have you back, Kat, and good luck on learning how to cook.


3 months ago
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Good luck on learning cooking!

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