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The founder of the Crappy Games Wiki, Awesome Games Wiki, both of which are now gone, the Animated Muscle Men Wiki, and the Love Interest Wiki.

With Fandom gone to crap, I have moved here.

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For some weird reason a sicked evil monster like me has beloved fans and put me on the Incredible Users Wiki. Since the Outcast Network is going bye bye, here's the original. Dark Masters know why I'm putting anything positive about myself here but whatever.

"For any other game, I'll have a beer, but for RPGs, I'll have a fine wine."

– Grust and his love for RPGs

Grust (Previously known as DisneyVillain) is an admin and the founder of both Crappy Games Wiki and Awesome Games Wiki during their FANDOM days as well as the Reception Wikis server.

Why He's Incredible

  1. He's highly pro-GamerGate as he made countless of pages connected to SJWs debunking their agenda expressing his full hatred on them.
  2. Other than trashing on SJWs, he also has a strong passion for video games, revealing his collection and has beaten.
  3. He's very straightforward and sympathetic towards other users.
  4. He's very well-liked and has a higher reputation by other users and admins.
  5. His polls are funny.
  6. He inspired other users to create different Reception Wikis in the same style he uses.
  7. Has made blogs to discuss his hatred of SJWs and his optimism on how they can be defeated.
  8. Although he has admitted to being bisexual, he hates LGBT propaganda shoved in people's faces. It shows he is very impartial, and personal reasons don't cloud his judgment. He also doesn't bear ill will toward anyone that lost their tolerance for LGBT people.
  9. Believes both the far left and far right are the same thing with the only difference being the political viewpoint.
  10. Though political, he admits he dislikes being so and only does it as he wants to get politics out of entertainment. He doesn't even want the politics he agrees within entertainment.
  11. He's been making a lot of Top 10 blogs.
  12. Likes to cook and has made blogs on the subject, including some cooking tips he made because of the pandemic forcing some wiki users to cook at home.
  13. His The Reason You Suck Speech made against PKMNLivesNew was brutal.
  14. Has a very entertaining Joker wanna-be, admin torturer and dangerous psychopath gimmick who he frequently uses on Crappy Games Wiki.
  15. Admits his mistakes. He used to rely on One Angry Gamer for news but eventually stopped relying on them they stretched the truth to push their narratives and eventually grew to hate them after they treated Projared like crap. He also refuses to forgive himself for adding Funimation to Best TV shows Wiki.

Bad Qualities

  1. After the PKMNLivesNew incident, he refused to become an admin due to wanting to have been wanting to be rid of them for some time. Even if he got his adminship back on January 6, he's usually less active other than making blogs and polls. It is due to him focusing on his game collection and anime. He has recently announced that his Blizzard Bans "Okay" Hand Gesture would be his final article due to burnout though he came back after Glumberland's actions pissed him off. However demoted himself and stopped making polls due to his sanity deteriorating, a fact Grust himself is fully aware. But yet he somehow remains active on Discord where he still makes polls, usually making jokes about Karens and posting videos covering the riots.
  2. His Top 10 Favorite Games Blog isn't definitive as with the exception of the top 2, he himself doesn't fully know what his absolute top 10 is. However due to his large collection, it's somewhat justified and at least he admits to it.
  3. He was the one who added Funimation to the Best TV Shows wiki (Grust: I still won't forgive myself for that one.)
  4. The riots and political conflict going on in the U.S. is having a negative affect on his mental health. (Grust: I live in the U.S. so you can guess how paranoid this makes me).
    1. It has gotten so bad that Grust had announced he'd be retiring from the Reception Wikis for good on an alternate account. He has said though he'd be active on the Animated Muscle Men Wiki.

Trivia from Grust Himself

  • I changed my name from DisneyVillain to Grust due to Disney siding with SJWs. The name Grust comes from me using the name on my characters when I had a World of Warcraft account.
  • My favorite movie genre is horror but hate 2000s and 2010s horror films.
  • My favorite films are the 1931 adaption of Dracula and the 1922 silent horror film, Häxan.
  • I'm a huge fan of the Disney Renaisance. To put it best: Favorite hero; Aladdin, favorite villain; Judge Claude Frollo, Favorite movie; Beauty and the Beast.
  • I consider myself a fan of animation as well.
  • My secondary hobby behind gaming is cooking. In fact my favorite cooking show (well the only one I watch) is Good Eats.
  • My Favorite cookware is cast iron
  • My favorite book is An Illustrated History of 151 Video Games, which inspired me to make the Merchandise Category on Awesome Games.
  • My favorite gaming console of all time is the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, my most hated is the Pro200.
  • When playing fantasy RPGs, my favorite class is the Thief.
  • My favorite game genre is the RPG. My second is survival horror.
  • My favorite video game franchise is The Legend of Zelda.
  • My favorite anime is Inuyasha. My least favorite is Michiko and Hatchin. I will never watch Boku no Pico EVERRRRRR!!!!!
  • While I consider the Diabolik Lovers anime a guilty pleasure, I fully agree it's one of the worst anime of all time.
  • One of my biggest regrets is adding Funimation to Best TV Shows Wiki.
  • My most hated film of all time is The Apparition, due to it having literally having every single thing I hate about 2000s horror films.
  • Although I added it to the Awful Movies Wiki, I consider The Pebble and The Penguin to be a guilty pleasure.
  • I despise the PC Master Race and refuse to get a gaming PC because of them.
  • I have both autism and ADHD.
  • I suffer from bile fascination and have watched some truly awful films because of it, including all three of the animated Titanic films.
  • My favorite Western animated show is Batman: The Animated Series.
  • My favorite decade for gaming is the 90s, though I doubt that's really trivia.
  • I have no more room for another console. Even if one breaks down, I'd only replace it.



7 months ago
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Guess What! You can buy Stardew Valley Physically on switch.


7 months ago
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In the US.


6 months ago
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We're all really thankful to you for the creation of the reception wikis, Grust. Without you, they wouldn't even exist, let alone unite us members of them on FANDOM and then Miraheze.

I'm also very thankful for the fact that you and the rest of the admins were able to move the reception wikis to Miraheze as quickly as you could after FANDOM chose to shut them down, because they thought those wikis went against their principals.

Keep being your torturous, psychopathic self and keep tearing SJWs, bad companies, and terrible games, movies, shows, etc. a new one, good sir. 👍


5 months ago
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Also, when did Disney side with SJWS?


5 months ago
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Mostly has something to do with adding political correctness in "The Last Jedi" and sjw propaganda in the more recent Marvel comics, like "New Warriors", for instance.


3 months ago
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Where can I find you online?

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