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Blog:Grust, if you're reading this...

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...I just wanna say thanks for founding the Reception Wikis. They were really fun to browse through especially when they were still on FANDOM and when they moved here shortly after leaving that site.

It's too bad I didn't join them when they were still on FANDOM or when its veterans like Unnamedgoon or DetoxCyanide were still around, because they seemed like pretty cool people to be around, and understood the management of these wikis really well, but that's not to say I don't enjoy hanging out with Marxo Grouch and TigerBlazer, 'cause I do.

We all loved looking at your satirical polls, we loved reading your blogs, including the Top 10s, we loved your absolute passion for gaming and other things media, and we loved the fact that you wanted to make these wikis for fun rather than a work environment, which they actually kinda feel like, right now.

We're all sorry for what happened to you last year and how your supposed return here was ruined, and I wish we could've done something to help you. Regardless of your status here, we've all got your back.

You and I may not have known each other all that way, but I most certainly know you quite a bit about you as someone who's been lurking these wikis since 2015 way back when you were still called "DisneyVillain", and because of everything you've done for the Reception Wikis, I consider you an icon and a role model to many users here, including me.

Thank you for your foundation of the Reception Wikis and thank you for helping us get this far before Qualitipedia's potential shutdown.


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