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The founder of the Crappy Games Wiki, Awesome Games Wiki, both of which are now gone, the Animated Muscle Men Wiki, and the Love Interest Wiki.

With Fandom gone to crap, I have moved here.

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(Warning: Lots of naughty words)

He takes us back to the past to play the shitty games that suck ass and gives us laughs while he does it. He's the inspiration for this very wiki, the Angry Video Game Nerd. Practically giving birth to internet reviewers, he's possibly the most important internet persona ever. So in honor of the Nerd, I'll be dedicating 3 top 10 blogs to the greatness that is the Fucking Nerd. Bask in his holy greatness, he who played shitty games for our sins. Onto the countdown.

10. Hypocritical Humor During the Atari Porn Games: After his playthrough of Custer's Revenge, he pointed out Mystique created quite a number of porn games for the Atari 2600 and asked if we wanted to see more? He then responds with you sick bastards despite owning them himself. It's 10 cuz truth be told, those games are better games than the flash porn games infesting the internet.

9. How Leatherface is Defeated: During his playthrough of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, he notices how if even a single pixel of Leatherface touches an object it gets him stuck delaying the game. When the Nerd is kidnapped by the cannibal clan and escapes, Leatherface goes after him but soon his leg touches a discarded bike and he soon gets stuck despite anyone being able to walk past it easily. Seeing Leatherface "stuck", the Nerd leaves satisfied.

8. Literally Puking on a Pile of Shit: During his toxic Avengers video, Lloyd Kaufman becomes enraged by how bad the NES games and shits on it. Grossed out by seeing the game being shit on, the Nerd soon hurls and his puke hits the shit. In earlier videos, he describes certain things as like puking on a pile of shit and now we have a visual of this now thanks to Lloyd and the Nerd. So beautiful, like poetry.

7. Mike Matei as The Joker: I loved Mike's Joker performance, his cackling, his makeup, and using his joke weapons on Batnerd. And his defeat is very hilarious when Batnerd beats him up and shoves the shitty games up the Joker's ass. Funny I though shit was supposed to leave the ass but this shit is going back up the ass. Must be some kind of Zen riddle.

6. It Looks Like a Toilet: When the Nerd introduces us to the CD add-on for the Atari Jaguar (why make an add-on for a console that was selling poorly?), he points out how it looks like a toilet. He fails to get it to work and even Richard of Stupid Fingers couldn't make it work. Eventually he gives up on making it work and realizes he needs to take a shit. Good thing there's a "toilet" nearby.

5. Goes BDSM for Sonic 06: In the first part video for Sonic 06 he takes 06 to a dungeon where he whips the shitty game. By the next video, he becomes saddened for beating the game and feeling empty and lets 06 whip him. Normally BDSM scares the hell out of me but here a video game whipping the Nerd who's already masochistic enough to continue playing shitty games so it's kind of funny in this case.

4. Shitting in Ecco's Blowhole: After being increasingly frustrated over the difficulty of Ecco the Dolphin, the Nerd reaches into his TV and pulls Ecco from the TV and starts beating the dolphin with the pain noise screeching from the animal. He then takes a funnel, shoves it in Ecco's blowhole and then takes a shit causing the shit to spray out of Ecco's mouth with the pain noise going into overdrive. Bet you wish you were eaten by the Vortex now huh, Ecco?

3. Corpsing as Fred Fucks Talks: When the Nerd criticizes the grammar for Life of Black Tiger, Fred Fucks sarcastically remarks that he's not educated enough for him but as he talks, you can clearly see the Nerd struggling to contain his laughter as Fred Fucks talks. You can clearly tell it wasn't in the script and it was James.

2. The Nerd's Treat for the Kids: When he points out the Halloween game for the Atari 2600 is simply evil, a group of trick or treaters come for some candy. Out of nowhere, the Nerd takes one of the bags and takes a diarrhea dump in the bag telling them it's chocolate. When one of the boy's says it's poop, he correctly says it's shit.

1. His "Birthday" Present for Bugs Bunny: At the end of his Bugs Bunny's Birthday Blowout video, he unleashes a torrent of punches and kicks to Bugs as the bunny crawls weakly to the kitchen. The Nerd drops his pants and shit falls onto Bugs' face. The Nerd then shows the butt is fake and then sticks his finger through it and says, "Fuck you, Bugs Bunny." Seeing Bugs face so full of shit is still quite hilarious and is my pic for the funniest AVGN moment.

Any moment you find funny? Let me know in the comments.



5 months ago
Score 1
The Guitar Guy making up songs while the Nerd plays through Ikari Warriors is a definite top 10 moment for me.


5 months ago
Score 1

His reaction to the "You killed me! Good" scene in his Zelda CD-i games review; The rant at the end of the Action 52 video (which is used as the opening of the Action 52 page on the site); The part where he swings the staff at Robert Louis Stevenson's skeleton in the Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde video and it's revealed to be a dream; His "vulgar" retelling of the tale of Little Red Riding Hood in the Little Red Hood video;

These are the moments that stuck in my mind, and I still recall about them from time to time.

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