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The Angry Video Game Nerd is well... a nerd. Despite this, he's such a badass that jocks bow before his toughness and he will lead nerds like us to glory. So in honor of his manliness, let's take a look at the top 10 Badass AVGN moments.

10. The Nerd vs. The Nostalgia Critic: in their early years, AVGN and the Nostalgia Critic had quite a feud. It soon culminated in an epic battle in the Nerd's basement with various fighting styles employed to win. It's ten since the Critic cheated and harnessed Satan's power to win forcing Super Mecha Death Christ to step in. Fucking cheater.

9. Defeating a Klingon from the Star Trek Review: Klingons are a warrior race frequently fought in the original series. When one showed up after the Nerd insulted the entire race, the two engaged in battle. Despite Klingons being bred for battle, the Nerd's superior combat techniques won out and unable to fight the Nerd anymore, the Klingon was disintegrated by the Nerd's phaser.

8. Killing Superman 64 from the second episode: After finally beating Superman 64 after it returned from the sun, the two engage in battle. Then the evil game shoots his lasers and plan to kill actual good games including A Link to the Past. With no other options, The Nerd destroys the evil game saving the good games. It was tough considering your masochism Nerd but it had to be done.

7. Little Kids Beating the Shit out of Michael Myers from the Halloween Game Review: Michael Myers in the Halloween movies is an unstoppable force and evil personified. When he appeared before the Nerd, even he had trouble defeating him. When Michael lunges for the kill after getting bored with his own game, the kids the Nerd was babysitting put on some air pumped boxing gloves and start pummeling the shit of the serial killer until he's on the ground. When they're not looking he runs away like a wuss (yes I know it's supposed to mirror his escape from the first movie).

6. Taking Down Bugs/Woody from the Crazy Castle Games Reviews: The screwy rabbit is back and out for revenge for being shit on the face the last time. Now tougher, the Nerd has met his match but in an act of mercy, the Rabbit lets the nerd pummel him for every Crazy Castle game he reviews before resuming his beatdown. However by Crazy Castle 5, the Nerd suspects Woody Woodpecker and Bugs were the same when he points out both were made by Ben Hardaway and both were voiced by Mel Blanc (well he voiced a precursor to Bugs Bunny. Finally gaining the upper hand with rage, the Nerd twists off Bugs' head and soon Woody's head comes out. Woody grabs a bomb but the Nerd grabs Woody and take them both out, sending them to Hell. Thankfully the Nerd is out for the next review.

5. Killing Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th Review: When he begins the review he seems desperate to praise the game, but it becomes clear someone is watching him. When he starts to trash the game, Jason begins threatening him and it becomes clear Jason is threatening the Nerd to praise his horrible game. However the longer the Nerd plays the angrier he gets. And soon his anger boils and he trashes the game nonstop and before Jason can kill him, the Nerd attacks him with his NES controller knocking him down. Finally grabbing his zapper, he blows the undead killer's head clean off killing Jason for good.

4. Shooting an arrow at the 32X in the Sega 32X Review: If it's true that the 32X can fuck up your Genesis games then this is justified. After saying he wants to send it back to the fires of hell, he puts the add-on on a container with lighter fluid and a flaming cord behind. After shooting it, the fluid catches fire, burning the evil add-on. Remind me to have the Nerd with me during the zombie apocalypse.

3. Beating Ghosts and Goblins from the Ghosts and Goblins Review: What more needs to be said he beat one of the hardest NES games of all time, and twice to get the true ending. He deserves a fucking medal for that.

2. His Final Battle With R.O.B. the Robot from the 100th episode: Near death after R.O.B.'s attack, the Nerd thinks about his shitty games and how he won't let them or any other game fall to R.O.B.'s madness. Through sheer willpower he heals up, dons his NES accessories and grows giant to save the whole world from R.O.B. It ends with him shooting out the batteries, destroying R.O.B. and saving the gaming world, not just shitty games but great games too.

Honorable Mentions

  • Killing Freddy Krueger with the Power Glove: I love Freddy Krueger:(
  • Saving the multiverse from Death Mwauthzyx: From the movie.
  • Not only playing shitty games but beating them: It either a takes a true gamer to beat something so shitty or a fucking masochist.
  • Still making videos after 16 years: Much respect for that.

Onto number 1.

And the most badass moment of AVGN is.....

1. Beating a Shitty Game While Being Strangled By A Monster From The Frankenstein Review: Sick of shitty games, the Nerd builds a monster to review the games instead. However the monster has even less tolerance for shitty games and attacks the Nerd forcing the Nerd to deactivate it. He continues the video alone until he gets to the final boss of Frankenstein: The Monster Returns. Lightning soon revives the monster and begins strangling the Nerd. The Nerd however is too determined to win and continues playing while a metal version of his theme song plays. Soon the Nerd beats the game as the monster looks and soon an explosion occurs that kills the monster. Beating a game while being strangled is so badass it's my number 1 pick for the most badass AVGN moments.

Any other moment from AVGN you find badass? Let me know in the comments.



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What about that time he went Super Saiyan in the Final Fight games episode?

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