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The founder of the Crappy Games Wiki, Awesome Games Wiki, both of which are now gone, the Animated Muscle Men Wiki, and the Love Interest Wiki.

With Fandom gone to crap, I have moved here.

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This is my 50th Top 10 blog. And it will also be my last. I figured 50 is a good place to end this series and I've had fun. But now I will be retiring from this. So what better way to end things but with my final Top 10 Top 10s. Lets see what blogs I've favored since my last one. Onto the countdown.

10. Top 5 Video Game Genres: In this list I took a look at my top 5 favorite genres of videos with quite a number of honorable mentions. When I got to my number one pick, it led me making a sequel hook for this blog which I did not long after.

9. Top 10 Favorite Horror Games: To honor the Halloween season, in addition to my horror binge, which I ended with a viewing of the Cabinet of Dr. Caligari which is 100 years old now this year, I also took a look at some horror games I really love and revealed my true form as an unspeakable horror that came very close to sucking out the souls of the administrators if not for the fact I had to stop and record that Karen. I even spoke fondly of ClockTower 3, a very underrated game.

8. Top 5 Reasons Why I Love RPGS: My sequel to my favorite Video Game Genres, I took a look at five reasons why I love RPGS, from the music, characters, strategy, story and getting stronger. Thanks to a comment on the blog, I also realized I loved the customization found in most RPGS, particularly the Final Fantasy series. As I always say, "For any other game, I'll have a beer. But for RPGs, I'll have a fine wine."

7. The Next Two Cooking Tips: I love to cook and it's my secondary hobby and thanks to not only Covid-19, but rioters and even Karens plaguing the U.S., I knew most of us were at home cooking our meals so I wanted to give as many tips to hep you out in the kitchen and maybe save a lot of money. Hope they helped.

6. Top 10 Handheld Games: For the longest time, I barely acknowledged handheld games and since I was nearing the end of this series, I knew that just wasn't right as many handheld games are great, even if console is technically superior. I was even able to gush over Golden Sun for the Game Boy Advance. A really great JRPG, not just for handhelds but one of the best overall.

5. Top 10 Most Important Video Games: In this list I wanted to look at games I think played an important role in the entire gaming industry from Super Mario Bros. kicking The North American Video Game Crash of 1983 in the balls and even Depression Quest got an hononrable mention for exposing how corrupt game journalists are and how untrustworthy they are now. It even gave me an excuse to gush a bit more on Super Mario 64, my 2nd favorite game of all time.

4. Top 10 Favorite Games of the 2010s: Even though the 2010s are when SJWs started demanding their politics in our games, the rise of Micro-transactions and Loot Boxes, there were still good games out there so I took a look at my personal favorites. Even to my shock I found a lot of good games among the shit. Still I have little faith in the industry thanks to 2020.

3. Top 10 Favorite Games of the 2000s: The last really good decade for gaming since this was the last decade to not have SJWs screwing up our games. I was able to look at the era where 3D gaming became the norm and looked back on some really great games, including some I haven't added yet to other blogs.

2. Top 20 Favorite Games of the 90s: The 90s was the bulk of my childhood so I was able to really reminisce over it by looking back at my top 20 Favorite games of the 90s making it my longest Top 10 blog ever. As I discussed many games in the past I did however do some copy/pastes for some speed but overall was able to relive some of my fondest childhood memories and even add some games I didn't have until now. I even fixed a mistake I made in my top 10 SNES games by finally adding Illusion of Gaia, a very good RPG for SNES.

1. Top 15 Reasons Why The 90s Rocked: 2020 was a shithole year and the riots themselves took a huge toll on my mental health since I'm afraid they could end up in my town as well. To escape this hell, I reflected back on how awesome the 90s were with great animated films, grossout humor done right, and the lack of social media. It's long past us but I long to relive it again maybe in a perpetual timeloop. My nostalgic memories of my childhood are basically a defense mechanism at this point and my pick for number 1 of my final Top 10 Top 10s.

Well I hope you enjoyed my series but now I'm officially ending it. Any of the other 49 Top 10s you liked? Let me know in the comments.


Grand Albert

5 months ago
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It seems like every other top 10 I liked is already on one of your other two top 10 top 10. Anyway, thanks for your great work.


5 months ago
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