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Since we have moved to a new platform. Various editing methods have changed. I can see that a lot of you are getting confused here. So here I'm gonna introduce you to some new editing techniques.

Embedding Videos:

Here on Miraheze we rely on the YouTube extension, a guide to using it can be found [right here].

FYI: the default resolution for the video is 640 x 385, I halfed to resolution to 320 x 192 because I considered it too big.

Adding Categories:

In source mode, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the tool bar. Click on the [[Category:]] button and simply type in the name of the category after the colon. If you want to edit an existing category, simply use the newly introduced HotCat gadget (thanks to u/GethN7) click on one of the four options behind the category link to start your work.


Comments are not included in page by default. To add a commenting section to a page, go to source mode and add [this code] to the bottom of the page.

If there's any other questions from you, feel free to ask. I'll post the solution here if I can find it. Happy Editing!


Grand Albert

23 months ago
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