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Blog:QP May & June 2022 Recap

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Hello fellas! King Dice and Zangler here! We will like to welcome you all to the most recent Qualitipedia and Quadpedia news of the months of May and June, 2022.

Goodbyes & Returns

This section covers users who sadly left the wikis or the community last month and those who returned to the Qualmish kingdom in one piece, ready to contribute one more day.

  • Zangler takes a one-month break from Qualitipedia due to personal issues with the wikis and community on June 11th.

Staff Additions and Changes

This section covers last month’s changes in the staff and the wikis in general.

  • Zangler got promoted in the movie wikis on May 2nd via a notably formal and respectful request in Discord.
  • Due to LuigiMan’s retirement, Marxo Grouch took her place on May 3rd across all three pairs of wikis (Games, Shows and Movies).

Requests for Comment

This section covers all the new RfCs from the Qualitipedia Meta wiki and the results of each if they have, as well as requests from previous months that were closed during this time.



Unsuccessful, Disputed and Invalid


This section covers other news involving the community and not just the workplace.

  • r/Qualitipedia becomes one year old on May 1, 2022.
    • r/quadpedia was created on May 12th. A subreddit mostly focused on the community, rather than a serious wiki-related medium.
  • Youtuber “Lessons in Meme Culture” showed a screenshot of the first pointer of the Teen Titans Go! page from Terrible Shows Wiki in his Why “Guys Look, A Birdie!” Exploded video from May 13th.
  • A purge in Terrible Shows Wiki dedicated to delete most unfinished fake episodes was made on June 13th, with more than 50 blogs deleted.
    • The purge also cleared various biased and/or unfinished pages in the show wikis. The most known page is the deleted Popee the Performer which was in Terrible Shows Wiki.
  • The Quadpedia Iceberg project keeps growing with each contribution by the community!

News So Far:

This section covers news from the current month so far. These will still be covered in their own sections for the next recap blog.

  • The once user Lukaaa640 starts the month of July announcing his departure from Qualitipedia with a spicy goodbye blog on Awesome Games Wiki.
  • With the passing of a Request for Comments, the main page has been redesigned across all wikis. The design was chosen in a poll by Blazikeye in Qualitipedia Central on July 4th.
  • Bukkit is promoted to moderator temporarily for 3 months in Crappy Games Wiki on July 7th and thanks the people who helped her get there.
  • Obi-Wan Skywalker86 is also promoted to trial moderator in Crappy Games Wiki on July 7th.
  • Zangler returns from his break on July 15th with some revelations and notes of the plans he has for the future of Qualitipedia.
  • ZeusDeeGoose takes a brief break from Qualitipedia on July 17th to work on another Miraheze project, but he comes back 9 days later.
  • Administrator Mr. Dready turns 18 on July 18th!
  • Crappy Games Wiki, and with it the Qualitipedia legacy, has its ninth anniversary on July 22nd.

That’s about it for now. See you soon!



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