Blizzard bans "Okay" hand gesture

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Note from Grust: This is going to be my last article make as I have been suffering a burnout since even before we moved to Miraheze.

The OK hand gesture has been around for quite a while, it's typically used to signal that "all is well." and is also used commonly by divers. However, in February 2017, the board 4Chan created a hoax project named "Operation OKKK" stating that the "okay" hand gesture is actually a gesture for "white power" and of course several leftist outlets took the bait and ran amuck with it.

During a Blizzard E-Sports tournament, a young fan flashed the gesture as a token of good faith and got reported onto the Overwatch League Twitter account and was told not to use it as it was considered a gesture for "white supremacy." The kid apologized on Twitter and thankfully several Tweets came form people letting him know he did nothing wrong (Grust checked it himself).

This led to a massive backlash over censorship and how things are being banned for no reason.

The theScore Esports YouTube channel defended Blizzard's actions in a 4 minute video "Why the Okay Hand Sign Is Not Okay and Blizzard Got It Right", only to get massively disliked into oblivion and mocked. While the video acknowledged the 4chan hoax, their main argument is that since the "OK" hand gesture has been adapted by actual white-supremacists, it automatically makes the gesture associated with them and thus is bad and shouldn't be used. Many comments included: "Hitler drank water and how water should be banned" or "Nazi breathed air so air should be banned".


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