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"Mom, I just learned to steer clear from this game."
Protagonist(s): Birdiy
Genre(s): Action
Platform(s): Arcade
Release: 1983
Developer(s): Mama Top
Publisher(s): Mama Top
Country: Japan

Birdiy is an action game developed and released by Mama Top in 1983 only in Japan.

It is the only game produced by the company due to the game underperforming commercially in its native country. According to the game's arcade brochure, Mama Top had three games under development, but only the first one was released.


The player controls a mother bird named Birdiy that gives birth to a baby bird, whom she has to feed by fetching worms on the leaves and from underground, while having to go near two monster rats to make them go away before one of them eat the baby bird and cause a life loss. Birdiy can also accelerate by pressing the action button, but this can only be performed when moving downwards.

Once Birdiy feeds her baby with every worm on the level, the round is beaten.

Why It Sucks

  1. The arcade brochure looks nothing like the actual game. On the left, we can see a Monster Rat with a creepy face, while the in-game sprites have eyes that look like those from the Pac-Man ghosts. On the right, we can see Birdiy and two of her babies, but there is only one baby bird shown in the game at a time, and more importantly, in the game, they are not even pink, but blue for Birdiy, and light pink for the baby bird. Also, the baby birds look like they are attacking the rat along with their mother, but in the game, the baby bird stays on the nest while waiting for the food.
    • However, the brochure does have a screenshot of the game pasted on it.
  2. Speaking of Monster Rats, they have very weird designs. Not only are they unoriginal since they appear to be worms with blue and red heads in the shape of a circle, the bigger problem is that nobody knows what kind of species they are supposed to be, making this a mystery.
  3. Very problematic controls, causing artifical difficulty. Despite being used to make Birdiy fly, it cannot be tilted in diagonal, which does not make sense, and this makes trying to move in diagonal cause Birdiy to move slower. Also, she takes one second to fetch the underground worms when facing them, meaning that the player's time is wasted if they pick up worms from underground, making them have a hard time having to chase Monster Rats after fetching the worm.
  4. Terrible graphics that have aged horribly because of graphical limitations, looking literally like they were drawn using nothing but Microsoft Paint. While the sprites of Birdiy are decent, the game frequently misuses colors for most items; while Birdiy is blue, her children are light pink, and the worms are yellow (or have yellow and red stripes for the underground worms).
    • The colors of the Monster Rats also look extremely familiar even for beginners of arcade games, especially because almost every fan of arcade games knows about Pac-Man, a massive commercial success that gave birth to the maze genre. In fact, the two Monster Rats use the exact same colors as Blinky and Inky, two red and blue ghosts from Pac-Man, due to the fact that the game is converted from Pac-Man. Also, to begin with, this is also an illogical choice of colors, because worms aren't blue or red, and are in reality beige.
  5. When the player fetched every worm from the leaves, the round looks like it is supposed to be beaten because there is apparently a bug that makes it endless, preventing the game to go to the next level... except that it is false. There are more worms underground, that can be seen on a solid black background, making them look like decorations for the background. This can confuse the player, thinking that the game is unbeatable until they take a deeper look at the bottom of the screen.
  6. When the player beats a round, the screen begins to flash in a mix of blue and white colors, causing seizure to sensitive people. The sound that plays along with the flashing is also obnoxious due to being very loud and high-pitched.
  7. A massive plothole: If the Monster Rats look like worms, why can't Birdiy eat them instead of just making then run away?

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The game can be fun to play for some due to its unique goal, but the gameplay is ruined thanks to the bad controls.



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