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Birdiy is an arcade game developed by Mama Top.

"Mom, I just learned to steer clear from this game."

It was the only game to be developed and released by this company due to the game flopping hard in its native country, Japan. As a result, it was never released elsewhere.

Why It Sucks

  1. A vastly short runtime; the game can merely be completed in less than five minutes.
  2. Very little challenge; all you do is control a mother bird to fetch worms for her babies, while you dodge animals that don't even try to kill you. And once you feed the baby one worm, the level ends.
  3. The game ends after you lose all your babies; in other words, you're basically stuck running around the tree tops forever until they die.
  4. The developers try to add challenge by having skunks show up in later levels, but even they don't do anything.
  5. The mice in the game, due to graphical limitations, look like grey Pac-Man ghosts, mainly due to the game being converted from Pac-Man.
  6. The sound effects are deafening.
  7. Most levels have unnecessary psychedelic visuals.


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