Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing and Midnight Race Club: Supercharged!

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Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing
Midnight Race Club: Supercharged!

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Genre(s): Racing
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release date: Big Rigs
November 20, 2003
MRC: Supercharged!
January 13, 2004
Engine: Eternity
Developer(s): Stellar Stone
Publisher(s): GameMill Publishing
Made in: Ukraine
"You can't release something that's not finished! Who looked at this? I mean - WHO looked at THIS and thought: "Yeah, that's okay. Put that out"? There's credits, which suggest that actual human beings were behind this. More than one! What were they thinking? Why would anyone want their name on this thing? And did any single one of them look at this and thought: "Maybe there's still some work left to do"?"
James Rolfe

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing and Midnight Race Club: Supercharged! are racing games developed by Stellar Stone and published by GameMill Publishing for Microsoft Windows only in North America.

Why They Aren't Winners

  1. False advertising: There are neither police chases nor illegal cargo; and every screenshot on the back cover is fake.
  2. There is no plot nor challenge whatsoever. The opponent has no AI, making it unable to move. Because of this, it is impossible to lose the races.
    • A patch was released to fix this, giving the opponent an AI. Even then, it never makes it to the finish line because there is no loss condition programmed into the game. The opponent stops near the finish line and never makes it across. The opponent is also slow and can be easily caught up with, making the opponent pointless.
  3. The game has many glitches and bugs: Some examples of these are below:
    • In the unpatched game, there is a fairly high chance that the player will instantly win when they press the spacebar or even start the race.
    • Trying to install the patch can prevent the game from booting up.
    • There are a variety of ways to make the game crash.
    • The trucks can accelerate almost indefinitely in reverse (by the same principle as the infamous backwards long jump (BLJ) from Super Mario 64). This emits a painful noise from the engine going to such a high pitch. The truck also stops immediately as soon as the player stops reversing. The maximum reverse speed of the truck is 12.3 undecillion miles per hour (1.23×1037 mph) or over 1028 times the speed of light: this is fast enough to cross the entire observable universe in 160 picoseconds (in the same period of time, light would have traveled about 2 inches). Above this speed (which takes about 50 minutes to achieve), a floating-point arithmetic overflow occurs, causing the odometer to change to "1.$" and every checkpoint to turn green, which means the player wins immediately.
    • The checkpoints (which are called Ultra-Nav in the game) are badly programmed, and often the game counts them out of order as well as occasionally making the player win as they drive through the first checkpoint.
    • The random race mode is capable of making the game glitch and causes the player's truck to stutter in movement. Turning off the game doesn't fix this bug. Not even by uninstalling and then reinstalling the game.
    • The ground clips through the road as if there are areas left unpaved.
    • The player's truck can travel faster uphill than on flat surfaces. This seems to be a glitch like Straferunning in the original Doom, where the game calculates the player's total speed when they are moving on more than one axis using vector addition (in this case horizontal speed + vertical speed).
  4. No collision detection on anything but terrain. The player is able to pass through virtually everything in the game, including buildings, and the truck will simply pass through bridges rather than going over them.
  5. There is also no system for simulating terrain's effects on the truck: the truck treats every surface as if it is flat, easily accelerating up even the mountains that are supposed to act as barriers at the edges of the track. This allows the truck to enter the formless grey "out of bounds" void.
  6. Extremely long load times, despite the ugly graphics.
  7. There are only five stages. The stages "Nightride" and "Small Town Road" will crash the game if players select them. Selecting them in a patched version of the game loads up duplicates of the first track.
  8. Also only four trucks (which are actually based on the Volvo NH12 and FH12) are playable, with absolutely no differences in performance. Every truck possesses the same stats and only vary in looks.
    • However, selecting Thunderbull and Sunrise W12 in the unpatched version would cause the player to win instantly.
  9. Speaking of which, the infamous "YOU'RE WINNER !" victory sign. The hilarious grammar error made this quote viral.
  10. There are no other sound effects besides the truck engine. The game has music, which is fairly decent, but none of it is actually programmed to play in-game. There is a folder with the MP3 files that would play the music within the disc.
  11. Abysmal looking graphics that are worse than an early 3D mobile phone game, and look like an early PlayStation game. There is barely any lighting effect such as shadows and the 3D models are very ugly, having poor texture quality.
  12. Poor visuals: these include barely noticeable water in the river, which the Angry Video Game Nerd described as "the water trying to exist, but can't". Every stage looks similar to each other, only with very little variety.
  13. Trucks are referred to as cars; even the .exe file used to start the game is named "CarZ", which will become apparent every time the game crashes. Not to mention, the game's original logo can be seen closely in the loading screen.
  14. The box for the timer is so small, the timer slightly leaves the boundary of the box.
  15. The speedometer is unnecessarily big and takes up almost a quarter of the whole screen.
  16. Depending on what version of the game is played, there are debug coordinates on display in the lower-right side of the screen at all times during gameplay.
  17. Some of the light posts don't even have textures. Instead, they show strange Tron-like colors that stick out compared to the rest of the terrain.
  18. Some signs appear in the middle of the road, which makes no sense at all, as in real life, signs do not appear on the middle of the road, as an actual car would be broken if it would hit it.
  19. Players can find an unfinished, untextured, uncolored model of a human. Even a car can be seen without any textures applied to it on the same map that the human is on.
  20. The brake lights on the trucks are disembodied and float out a noticeable distance from the actual truck model (this can be easily noticed when driving up/down a hill).
  21. The game was look like it was being rushed for release or it was almost just like an alpha demo made by college student that was not released to shelves yet.
  22. Midnight Race Club: Supercharged! is basically the reskin of Big Rigs, expect with fixed collision detection and you can choose different vehicles. It is an exactly identical looking game that is the same as the previous game, but since they fixed the collision detection, this game has no charm whatsoever, making it the saddest piece of software, while Big Rigs at least showed the incompetence of Stellar Stone in a hilarious way.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The "YOU'RE WINNER !" victory sign was later fixed to "YOU WIN!" in the patch, fixing the grammar. Even before the victory sign was fixed in the patch update, it's still hilarious.
  2. Midnight Race Club: Supercharged! fortunately fixed some bugs and glitches, despite it crushing the charm that the original had.


Big Rigs was critically panned and it is considered one of the worst games ever made and is compared to other games like Hong Kong 97, Action 52 or Superman 64. It holds a Metacritic aggregate score of 8/100, which is the lowest rated game of all time, and was featured on X-Play's "Games You Should Never Buy" list.

The Angry Video Game Nerd called it the most broken down game he has ever played, including it in Shit Scale: "MAJOR CODE RED. Games that don't even qualify as games".

YouTuber ThuN00b stated that "anyone can make a better game than Big Rigs even if they don't know anything about game design." To prove his point, he made his own game called This Game Sucks, But Atleast It's Better Than Big Rigs! and published it on his DeviantArt gallery.


  • Midnight Race Club: Supercharged! was originally intended to be a single package along with Big Rigs, but GameMill decided to split the two early in development.
  • Electronic Arts' Skate 3 has an achievement titled, "You're Winner", referring to this game, which can be achieved through winning an online match for the first time.


Big Rigs

Midnight Race Club: Supercharged!


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