Bhagat Singh: The Game

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Bhagat Singh: The Game is a 2002 first person shooter by Lumen Phon Multimedia. The first 3D game and first person shooter made in India, it is based on the Indian revolutionary Bhagat Singh, more specifically his shooting of John Saunders in December 1928.

Why It Sucks

  1. Incredibly disrespectful to history: in this game Bhagat goes on a lone rampage against British and Indian police officers, when in reality he only killed one person, the aforementioned John Saunders, and worked with associates.
    • The game also features many modern weapons that did not exist in 1928.
  2. Horrendous low-poly graphics. Bhagat barely looks like him, instead looking more like Zorro without his eye mask and cape.
  3. Awful and we mean awful AI. Enemies just stand there and shoot you without moving at all.
  4. Terrible level design that would fit a very early FPS better.
  5. The game rips off Wolfenstein 3D in many ways, from the health indicator to the very basic level design.
  6. You only collect one bullet from every downed enemy.
  7. All maps have the same objective of shooting every enemy, making the game really boring.


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