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Ben 10 (2017)

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Ben 10
Ben 10 (2017) video game.png
Oh you didn't like the show? Well screw you, we'll make this instead! - Torus Games
Genre(s): Beat-'em-up
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch
Release: November 16, 2017
Engine: Unity
Developer(s): Torus Games
Publisher(s): Outright Games
Country: Australia
Series: Ben 10
Predecessor: Ben 10: Omniverse 2
Successor: Ben 10: Power Trip

Ben 10 is a beat 'em up video game released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows. Developed by Australian studio Torus Games and published by British publisher Outright Games in 2017. It is based on the 2016 Ben 10 reboot television series of the same name.

Bad Qualities

  1. Firstly, this is based off the 2017 reboot of Ben 10, which, knowing that the reboot of the show was poorly received, the game is already on a bad start.
  2. This game can beaten the day you buy or rent it like Sonic R, except you are given only two hours of gameplay, which is straight up unacceptable for this age of games.
  3. Due to the game being divided into episodes, there isn't much story.
  4. The game gets repetitive when you realize there is no enemy variety.
  5. The game's frame rate also lags during gameplay.
  6. Similarly to Ben 10: Alien Force, the game has a dirty trick to get you to do more stuff. For example, on Level 1 there's a ledge where you can find a Sumo Slammer card, but you can't reach it unless you have Diamondhead, who is later unlocked after Level 1!
  7. The animation and graphics look like something from any other television-based PS2 game. Even Protector Of Earth had better graphics than this, and that came out in 2007!
  8. You start out with three aliens just like in Ben 10: Omniverse 2.
  9. Only 3 villains. Some major villains like Steam Smythe, Tetrax, Hex and even Vilgax don’t show up. One of those villains being Queen Bee, which nobody even liked
  10. Four Arms quotes are reused from the previous two Ben 10 games.
  11. The game is very easy.
  12. The game released after Season 2 was released on October 2017, meaning this game should have Shock Rock, the Omni-Enhanced forms, no Upgrade and Ben wearing a new Omnitrix, but it sticks to the old Omnitrix, Upgrade, no Shock Rock and the aliens do not have access to any Omni-Enhanced forms.

Good Qualities

  1. In comparison, this game is surprisingly much better than the previous game Ben 10: Omniverse 2.
  2. At least there are 10 aliens in this game.
  3. You're no longer limited to three to four aliens as you can now play as every alien in each stage, but only if you finish the game first.
  4. Grey Matter is playable in this game.
  5. It's nowhere near as frustrating as the levels and enemies in the last Ben 10 game.
  6. At times, the game can be fun.
  7. Decent controls.
  8. To the game's credit, at least it is playable.
  9. Weatherhead Prime later made it into the TV show.
  10. Half-way into the credits, it plays the first verse of the original series's theme song (albeit muffled).
  11. The sequel, Ben 10: Power Trip is a huge improvement, having a longer story, better gameplay, has more replay value and better graphics.


Ben 10 was received unfavorably by critics, but was negatively panned by fans of the older games for its 2-hour length and PlayStation 2-looking graphics. It currently holds a 56 on Metacritic. However, it does have mainly positive reviews on Steam. The game was poorly marketed, because it was soon reported to have dismally low sales, with only around 160,000 copies sold on all systems, making it a commercial failure.



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