Beat Street

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Beat Street
"The rats are producing the world's stinkiest cheese! The whole city smells terrible!" – Aged woman at the beginning
Protagonist: Lee
Genre: Beat’em up
Platforms: Android
Release Date: November 15th, 2017
Developer: Lucky Kat
Publisher: Lucky Kat
Made in: Netherlands

Beat Street is a beat'em up game developed and published by Lucky Kat Studios, a Dutch studio. It was released on November 15th, 2017 for both iOS and Android.

It is a game about "elite" street fighters having to save the day from unusual events.


"Evil gangs are terrorizing Toko City and the citizens need your help! Fight your way through hordes of enemies and become the new hero in town."

Official synopsis[1]

Beat Street is a game about "elite" street fighters having to save the day from unusual events, such as the rats making stinky cheese, an anthromorphic butcher doing evil things, a rapper called "99KICKS" (or something like that) also doing evil things, etc.

You can choose as 9 characters to play with (actually 15, because 6 are locked behind DLC, VIP membership or events):

  • Lee
  • Sol (VIP only)
  • Ligeiro (VIP only)
  • Rin
  • Tas
  • Soulja Boy (DLC only)
  • Val
  • Jun
  • Pat
  • Ana
  • Oni
  • Urs
  • Rad (event only)
  • Gui (event only)
  • Poe & Zoe (event only)


Beat Street "makes" the difference by the whole touchscreen being the controller, which allows the game to the played without any obstruction (eg.: on-screen buttons) and/or either at portrait or landscape orientation.

  • Make the screen as a mousepad to move.
  • Tap the screen to attack.
  • Hold and release the screen to perform a blow. Consumes the energy bar.
  • Slide left or right to automatically run.
    • Tap the screen during this state to perform a dashing attack. Consumes the energy bar.
  • Slide up to perform a flying attack. Consumes the energy bar.

It claims to be the first beat 'em up game with intuitive single touch controls and also "a love letter to the 90s". While the controls part is fine, anything else feels poorly executed.

Why It Sucks

  1. Unoriginal title: there is already something with this name, and it's a movie from 1984.[2] It also sounds like a bootleg product to cash-in on either Street Fighter or Streets of Rage.
  2. You start with only one playable fighters (Lee in this case) and you have to progress through the story mode to unlock the others.
    • None of them have an advantage, as they have literally the same statistics based on the level. Everybody also has the same controls and damage stats.
  3. None of the fighters are interesting and most of them have unoriginal designs:
    • Lee looks like a palette swap of Youngster Joey from Pokémon RSE.
    • Rin looks like a mixture of Bruce Lee and Tien (Dragon Ball).
    • Val looks like a palette swap and a flanderization of Mika from the Street Fighter series.
    • Jun looks like a palette swap of E.Honda, also from the Street Fighter series.
    • Pat looks like Chuck Norris making a poor cosplay of Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil series.
  4. Ana's sprites are misleading to her artwork, most notably with the hair style and the breasts' size.
  5. The fighters also must be leveled up to make the stage easier to pass, but leveling up them can be painful, as you need both coins and tokens to level them up. It didn't help also the fact that they have a level limit, which can be bypassed by having both hats and gems.
  6. Plenty of stuff requiring you to watch unskippable ads:
    • One of the daily challenges, which is very common by signal, tells you to watch 5 ads in order to get only 5 gems.
    • The gold button in the up-right corner tells you to watch 3 ads in order to get an amount of coins that is not enough to even level up decently.
    • There is a roulette of in-game prizes that gives you a maximum of 1 free spin at each 24 hours (with seconds counted), and requires you to watch one ad to spin it again.
  7. At every 24 hours, you receive a free crate that gives you stuff like tokens to level up the fighters (you need both tokens and coins), weapons, HP recovering items and temporary power-ups. This can be annoying, specially for the tokens, because they can easily overflood your inventory.
  8. You cannot sell in any form. That’s a problem, because of how easy it is to waste all of your coins just by leveling up everything and how tedious it is to get the virtual currencies. The issue said on the pointer above did not help.
  9. Overpriced VIP membership of a US$5,99 per week (basically US$23,96 or US$29,95 per month) which is nothing but removing ads and allowing access to event exclusive fighters.
    • Just for comparison, paid memberships like Xbox Game Pass, Apple Arcade or even the Google Play Pass are cheaper and offers a big catalog of games. Why waste money in something more expensive and just for one game?
  10. The "events" for unlocking rarely happen. Even if available, they are harder and more tedious to complete.
  11. Nostalgia pandering: It claims to be a "love declaration" to the 16-bit era, which is a poor first impression, because it was done a lot of times by other indie developers for their games (though this can be excused, because it's cheaper to produce).
    • And also feels poorly executed, because only the pixel sprites is accurate to this. Anything else feels like something from a 2D PlayStation (a 32-bit console) game at least.
  12. The plot feels reminiscent of those critically panned TV-Y7 cartoons. The rats and stinky cheese thing in particular is unoriginal and clichéd.
  13. All of the levels are nothing but "beat everyone up and defeat the boss", which can somewhat get repetitive. Making matters worse, you have to do them three times (in three difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard), in order to get three stars.
    • Adding insult to injury, the amount of stages is overly long.
  14. The only stages not following the "beat everyone up and defeat the boss" rule are the extra/bonus ones. However, they cost 3 energy bolts, can be only played as one specific character, are continue-free and can be hard to complete.
  15. Poor programming:
    • There are times when you finish an ad and the text's font glitches up, resulting in black "unreadable" strokes.
    • When you exit the in-game's shop, the music suddenly stops.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. While the idea of the whole touchscreen being the controller is unoriginal, it is the first beat'em up game to do so. It allows the game to be playable with just one hand, which (for example) gives more accessibility to handicapped people.
  2. Playable in both portrait and landscape orientations.
  3. Awesome soundtrack, composed by Maxo.[3] The same composer also composed other games from the same studio such as Grumpy Cat’s Worst Game Ever, Combo Critters, Thunderdogs and Trigger Heroes.
  4. Defeating the final enemy ("boss") of a stage with a Super Move can be satisfactory.
  5. Once you complete a stage three times, you don't need to do it again (at least if you're using an overleveled character). You can get the rewards without even entering the stage (in change of 2 energy points).
  6. As a paid DLC, you can play as Soulja Boy! The controversial rapper infamous for his song Crank That and his "console" Souljagame.
  7. Decently animated and fluid sprites.


Despite the game's poor quality, it still managed to be nominated for the 14th International Mobile Game Awards at Global Level.[4]


  • One of the daily challenges requires you to "share the game with 5 friends", but all you have to do is simply press the share button and... simply return. You will still earn the success point, anyway.
  • For some reason, all of the fighters' names (except for Soulja Boy and Ligeiro) have only 3 characters. This is probably a nostalgia pandering to the arcade machines' scoring system, which only allows 3 characters.
  • It seems that the same studio, as a joint venture with Sony Pictures Television, also worked on yet another reboot of Q*bert, a classic in the gaming industry.[5]


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