Battletoads In Battlemaniacs (Master System)

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Battletoads In Battlemaniacs (Master System)
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This is why you don't release unfinished games!
Genre(s): Beat 'em up
Platform(s): Sega Master System
Release date: 1994
Developer(s): Syrox Developments
Publisher(s): Tec Toy
Franchise: Battletoads
Predecessor: N/A
Successor: N/A

There was a Master System port of the 1993 SNES game Battletoads In Battlemaniacs released exclusively in Brazil in 1994.

Why It Sucks

Note: This will only cover the Master System port of the game.

  1. The game isn't even finished, it's an unpolished build of the game.
  2. Some stages don't have music.
  3. Too much slowdown, It is easily noticeable if you listen to the music.
  4. Glitches (For examples, the invisible obstacles in the Turbo Tunnel)
  5. The scrolling floor in the bonus stages is choppy.
    • Speaking of the bonus stages, the second bonus stage is placed before roller coaster and after the snake pit, and still uses the bowling pins instead of domonoes because the domino spites were not made.
  6. The Turbo Tunnel stage has a strange color palette when emulating the game, also the rat pods are missing.
  7. The final boss music is the title screen music.
  8. The Roller Coaster level does not have jumps or going under walls making this a Clinger Winger clone and can be finished within a minute.
  9. You cannot juggle the Wasplings in the Hallow Tree to get 1ups, the Saturn Toadtraps are missing their bodies and the very fast part at the end is gone.
  10. Horrible ending, The Dark Queen makes a street fighter reference by saying there are many tyrants like you all over the world and then T-Bird congratulates the Battletoads for defeating the dark queen.
  11. The graphics are poor, even for Master System standards.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. All the levels are still in the Master System port.


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