Ball Resurrection

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Ball Resurrection
Ballance Resurrection Pro.png
Unlike the original game, this port is totally Unbalanced.
Genre: Puzzle
Platforms: Android
Release Date: 2012
Developer: Bouland Games

Ball Resurrection is an unlicensed mobile port of Ballance developed by Bouland Games and released in 2012 for Android platforms.

Why It Sucks

  1. Terrible physics. The ball has almost no traction whatsoever and it's barely affected by the type of terrain it's on. It also has nearly no response to variations in the terrain levels, such as slopes.
  2. On the topic of physics, they are nothing like the original Ballance. Downward slopes don't speed you up, rails speed you up for some reason, regardless of how they are tilted, the paper ball doesn't shake when you go on rails and the stone ball stops the second you let go of the virtual analog stick, despite its weight.
    • There is a section in level 3 (level 5 of this port) that's almost impossible to complete due to the physics making movement at high speeds a chore.
    • Changing ball type doesn't affect how they control in any way, making the stone ball almost useless due to it having no unique abilities while weighing more.
    • The paper ball is almost impossible to control: it doesn't shake and it's steadier than the original, however, since it weighs less, it's hard to stop while moving, especially at high speeds.
  3. Horrible stock graphics that look nothing like the original. The resolution is very low and it's almost impossible to see some textures, let alone figure out what they are, for how they are so blurry and muddy.
  4. There are no sound effects in the entire game.
  5. There is only one background in the whole game, which makes things a whole lot more repetitive.
  6. Horrible camera that is nothing like the original and makes hard to understand where you are going, leading to cheap deaths.
  7. For some reason, the game, despite having the same levels as the original, cuts levels off at certain points to reuse the rest as a completely different level.
  8. Despite the horrible physics, the controls are somewhat stiff, making movements even harder than normal. The gyroscope controls don't do anything to improve this, as they're barely responsive.
  9. There is no level editor, one of the original's biggest strengths. The poor movements also clash with the purpose of the original as a game made for speedrunners.
  10. The game also has ads for another game, however said ad sometimes appears when you launch the game and keeps you from entering the menu, leaving you no choice but to reset the game to make it disappear.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The levels aren't outright copied from the original game and include new elements such as traps and stairs. The levels have also been slightly altered from the original.




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If you want a GOOD marble game, go play Marble Blast Ultra!

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