Bad Rats: The Rats' Revenge

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Bad Rats: The Rats' Revenge
They're bad, and so is this game.
Genre: Puzzle
Platforms: Microsoft Windows
Release Date: July 20th, 2009
Developer: Invent4 Entertainment
Publisher: Invent4 Entertainment
Franchise: Bad Rats
Next Game: Bad Rats Show

Bad Rats: The Rats' Revenge is a physics-based puzzle game developed and published by Invent4 Entertainment. It was released for PC on Steam on July 20, 2009 and was followed by a sequel, Bad Rats Show, released exactly seven years later.

Why It Sucks

  1. Puzzles revolve around distastefully slaughtering cats.
  2. Broken physics.
  3. Despite the stages being flat 2D planes rendered in 3D, the ball can fall forward in 3D space towards the camera.
  4. Every time you make another attempt at a puzzle, the physics can react differently.
  5. Poor collision detection.
  6. Ugly graphics.
  7. Rotating the rat takes too long to do.
  8. Illogical solutions to the puzzles.
  9. Many instances of environmental clipping.
  10. Lots of spelling and grammar errors.
  11. One of the rats is called "lung rat", which is a chain smoking rat that has super lungs from smoking. This makes no sense because cigarettes don't make your lungs stronger, they destroy them.
  12. It still uses a level password system. By 2009, pretty much all games let you chose where you wanted to start the game.
  13. Completely out of place music. It feels very stock and out of place. The soundtrack mainly consists of very bland, and forgettable rock music, to country music, and even disco music.
  14. The rats themselves look very creepy and terrifying, due to the poor character models.
  15. The narrator for the tutorial is a text-speech/synthesized voice. It's as if the studio ran out of the little money they had for making this game and had to settle for text-to-speech instead.
  16. The narrator says some pretty strange things during the tutorial such as, "Your goal is to help the rats with their annihilation plan", "It's all about physics, logic, and creativity", "I think the best object would be the barrel there", "Basically there are two game modes, paused, and playing", and "Fine, but how we make it?''

Internet Meme

The game is commonly used to gift to friends as a joke, due to its poor quality and cheap price, and being released during an era before Steam Greenlight where games actually needed to be published on to Steam by a developer (meaning a level of quality needed to be reached or exceeded for a game to be put on Steam), the reviews are filled with mostly stupid things, and has an ironic fanbase.





9 months ago
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My father told me, “always have a bazooka, son!”


9 months ago
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This gives Batman Beyond a run for its money in terms of quality control.


5 months ago
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At least my nation knows how to make meme games


one month ago
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It appeared today on Wikipedia's Did you know? section.

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