Backyard Sports: Basketball 2007

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Backyard Sports: Basketball 2007
Genre: Sports
Platforms: Game Boy Advance, PlayStation 2, PC, Nintendo DS
Release Date: 2006/2007
Developer: Game Brains/Mistic Software
Publisher: Atari
Franchise: Backyard Sports
Previous Game: Backyard Basketball 2004

Backyard Sports: Basketball 2007 is a basketball game developed by Game Brains and published by Atari in late 2006 for the Game Boy Advance, Early 2007 for the PC and PlayStation 2, and late 2007 for the Nintendo DS. This page will focus on the PC and PlayStation 2 versions.

Why it Sucks

This game has mainly the same problems that Backyard Sports: Baseball 2007 has, so this will mainly have the same reasons why this game sucks.

  1. Poor use of the NBA license, just 20 team players (as kids), some logos and that's it.
  2. The graphics look like a early PlayStation game than a game from 2006.
  3. Extremely low polygon textures.
  4. Repetitive voice acting.
  5. Poor sound effects.
  6. Much like with Backyard Sports: Baseball 2007, The game costs $20 on the PC, which is once again fine for a low-budget game like this, but the PS2 version cost $30, a similar price to an AAA game which would look better than this.