BMX Ninja

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BMX Ninja
BMX Ninja C64 Box Art.jpg
"Ninjas are cool."
"BMX is cool."
"Putting them together will make double cool and sell games. MAKE IT HAPPEN."
Genre: Arcade, Sports
Platforms: Amstrad CPC
Commodore 64
ZX Spectrum
Release Date: 1988
Developer: Alternative Software
Publisher: Alternative Software
Made in: United Kingdom

BMX Ninja was a 1988 budget arcade game developed and published by Alternative Software for major 8-bit home computers.


After a hard days training with the freestyle team at the local dirt track, Phil "Pookie" Wheeler, unofficial BMX Ninja, whilst travelling on his bike, a Blackfoot Falcon, was set upon by a rival team, the Diamond Backs, whose leader is intent on gaining the ultimate street cred. Your title.

You must prove to yourself and your girlfriend that you are capable of keeping your title. Should you fail in your task, you will not only lose your title, you will lose your girlfriend (who wants to be seen with a loser anyway?) and your dignity. Should you succeed, you will be rewarded by your girlfriend. Should you complete a certain number of areas, you will recieve the ultimate reward from her. (We're not telling you what it is, so find out yourself if you can.)

Why it Sucks

  1. The plot from the cassette inlay and the in-game instructions seem to be written by someone who is semi-literate.
  2. Bland monochrome graphics on all platforms, even on the Commodore 64.
  3. Unresponsive controls.
  4. Repetitive gameplay. You have to destroy a certain amount of bike enemies on a static screen until the BMX Ninja meter at the bottom of the screen fills up.
  5. All the levels are exactly the same with different backgrounds.
  6. Every time you die, the BMX Ninja meter resets to zero.
  7. Lack of any music.
  8. Poor sound effects.
  9. After completing the eighth level, the game goes right back to the first level.
  10. False advertising: despite what the title and cover imply, there is nothing ninja related in this game whatsoever.


  • In between levels, a female sprite (representing Pookie's girlfriend) is shown. By beating a level, she removes an article of clothing until the 8th level, where she is naked and holds a sign saying "Extra Life". By beating the level, you go back to level 1 and earn another life. Perhaps this is what the "ultimate reward" was.



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