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BMC Studio
Homemade videos belong to YouTube, not Steam!
Founded: 2014
Founder(s): Alain Lagacé
Headquarters: Quebec, Canada

BMC Studio is an indie "game developer" run by a French-Canadian teenager named Alain. He and his friends are infamous for making low-quality homemade videos filled with teenage memes then posting them on Steam Greenlight, Steam Direct and later as if they were games instead of uploading them to YouTube. They're clear proof that literally anyone can put almost anything on Steam these days due to their lack of quality control.

List of "games"

  • Kimulator: Fight For Your Destiny (2016)
  • Zombitatos: The End of the PC Master Race (2016)
  • Kimulator 2: The Bottle Flip Master (2017)
  • Zombitatos: Ultimate Game of the Year Edition (2017) It is the exact same "game" as the first Zombitatos, only with Steam achievements, a new mini-game, a remixed theme song and other extremely minor technical improvements.
  • There is a Genie in my Szechuan Sauce (2017)
  • AIDSmoji: The Forbidden Fruit (2018)
  • Dabman: When the Haters Dab Back (2018)
  • Dabwoman: When The Dab Isn't Sexist (2018)
  • Sexy Comedy: It Was a Mistake (2018)
  • Dabman: DABtastic Bundle (2018)
  • The Jekoos (2019)
  • Real Life Battle Royal: It's gonna be an... EPIC game (2019)
  • Kid's Safety With George Blessure (2019)
  • Timmy's Cooking Show (2019)
  • The Area 51 Secret: Boombox Killer (2019)
  • Sanic The Hawtdawg: Da Movie: Da Game 2.1: Electric Boogaloo 2.2 Version 4: The Squeakquel: VHS Edition: Directors cut: Special edition: The Musical & Knackles (2019)
  • Each Sale I Drink a Glass of Water: The Game (2020)
  • Each Sale I'll be 2$ Richer (2020)
  • Totally Normal Journey: The Interactive Musical (2021)

Why Their “Games” Suck

  1. The studio is nothing but teenagers with a camera. Their "games" are almost entirely made out of home-made videos with close to zero real gameplay. As a matter of fact, you can even literally make something similar to this on YouTube. At least it could've been that way if YouTube didn't remove annotations, so maybe it could have been justifiable to make now, but still would not be the most ideal choice as you could also make something similar using PowerPoint.
    • The content warning parody from one of their teaser trailers suggested that the "BMC" acronym stands for "Basement Movie Incorporated". Later the developer revealed it actually stands for "Branche Moi-ça", which means "Plug me in" in French.
    • The actual gameplay part of their "games" is nothing but interactive movies where you watch a cutscene and get a few choices. Depending on the game, the choices can affect the story.
  2. They were accused of manipulating reviews for their games just like any other toxic developer on Steam. This put on doubt the common sense goodwill that they were doing this just as a high school joke rather than for money.
  3. The teenagers filming themselves clearly can't act or don't even bother at trying to act, frequently laughing at what they're doing on-camera, look directly at the camera, etc.
  4. The BMC actors are not native English speakers. Because of this, It can be hard to understand what the teenagers are saying because of their heavy accents and them not having any audio equipment.
  5. Overuse of forced memes and outdated references which comes off as unfunny for many audiences.
    • Even worse: they often make offensive jokes like mocking the September 11th attacks, the Holocaust, and even AIDS as if they were memes.
  6. For a while, they seemed genuinely interested in improving and did show some progress in Kimulator 2. However, their next two home-made videos completely threw away any improvement and immediately went back to forced unfunny memes and offensive jokes with no effort whatsoever.
  7. One of their "games", Zombitatos, wasn't even properly greenlit. The "game" that was approved was called "Moonwalking Dead". Not only did they put this bad game on Steam in a questionable way but they re-released it as well.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The negative Steam reviews for their games are extremely creative and hilarious. Actually, reading the reviews is a lot funnier than any of their games. Many users also gift their games for their friends as a joke.
  2. Their highest-rated game so far is Kimulator 2, which had a better reception due to some improvements over the other games. However, that still doesn't make Kimulator 2 good game.
  3. Believe it or not, unlike most other indie developers, they can actually take criticism. In fact, back when this wiki was on FANDOM, the founder of BMC has a FANDOM account and knew about this page, and was surprisingly impressed with it. He actually made an article on one of the BMC titles, specifically about Dabman: When the Haters Dab Back.


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