BARBAROSSA!: March with the Red Army Girls' Brigade

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BARBAROSSA!: March with the Red Army Girls' Brigade
We're glad that Greenlight shuts down before this thing can make it onto the Steam store!
Genre(s): Turn-based Strategy
Visual Novel
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows
Release: May 3, 2017 (on Greenlight queue, cancelled)
roughly after May, 2017 at DLSite
Developer(s): Flying Panjandrum
Publisher(s): Henteko Doujins
Predecessor: HEBEREKE!: March! Red Army Girls' Brigade

BARBAROSSA!: March with Red Army Girls' Brigade was a turn-based strategy game developed by Flying Panjadrum and published by Henteko Doujins. It was supposed to be released on Steam platforms in 2017 after being announced on Steam Greenlight in May 3, 2017. It is a sequel to HEBEREKE!: March! Red Army Girls' Brigade.

According to Henteko Doujins, the game was a "Hardcore SLG, friendly RPG and Dating Sim elements are combined into one Tactical RPG".

Due to a considerable amount of controversy about the game's concept and discontinuation of Greenlight, the game's Steam release was cancelled, it is still sold in Japanese digital adult content store DLSite, however.


As a sequel to HEBEREKE! (Not confused to Sunsoft's hebereke series) which is set in an "alternate" World War 2 in 1939, BARBAROSSA! is set in 1942 during the Operation Barbarossa in an alternate universe where Nazi Germany "accidentally" invaded the Soviet Union.

The main protagonist, a female Nazi German officer named Edelgard, was sent into frontline to command the German army. After several victories over the Red Army, her army captured several Soviet POWs, including several Soviet commanders from HEBEREKE!. Edelgard later trained Soviet POWs to fight for her, as well as satisfy her secret desires - lesbianism and sadism.

Henteko also announced that the game would have "multiple endings" depending on which characters Edelgard had interacted with.

Why It Sucks

Note: Most of the bad qualities about the game is about the setting itself.

  1. The game's concept is absolutely terrible, as the game is set in the bloodiest battle in history of warfare, and the main protagonist is a sadistic Nazi officer. This sure left a lot of people who wanted to buy the game just for anime visual novel content with a bad taste in their mouths.
    • Even though the developers claimed that the game is set in "alternate universe", this does not help the fact that the game's setting will offend many people for obvious reasons. It was also supposed to contain "historical lessons" about WW2 inserted between chapters, which makes the developer's claims questionable.
  2. The main protagonist, Edelgard, is really unlikable and has paper-thin background besides being a female Nazi officer who is a sadistic lesbian. While Soviet POWs are happy to be molested by the main character, please her other sadistic desires and even fight on her side (as said above), not to mention that she is the enemy who killed their comrades and commanded the army that invaded their motherland and killed a lot of people, and also happy to kill their fellow comrades. What makes this concept even more problematic is that in reality Nazis and their allies committed horrible atrocities towards Soviet people (such as holocaust and the infamous Leningrad Blockade).
  3. The game tries depicting a WW2-themed romantic story with visual novel-driven story, but ultimately fails, and the developers also said on Greenlight page that the story will be a "Comedic story that will make fun of the war". Yes, you heard it right, a romantic visual novel revolves around a sadistic Nazi commander and also makes fun of the WW2!
  4. Amateurish CG arts and generic-looking characters, which can give Winged Cloud a run for it's money.
  5. Even though the developers wrote their Greenlight page in English (although with subpar grammar), they announced that the game won't support the English language.
  6. The developers tried to justify their game by claiming that the game "(does not contain) Nazi Party members in the story" (while the main character is wearing a Nazi uniform that doesn't have Nazi swastika on it), and also replied to people who questioned the game's concept to "not mix up real history and fiction".
  7. After the controversy over the game's setting, the developers decided to edit the game's description by changing the header from "September 1941, German forces accidentally invaded the Soviet Union" into "September 1941, German forces suddenly invaded the Soviet Union", as well as removing any reference to "The Fuhrer" from the game.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Ignoring all of troubled setting about this game, the gameplay is fairly decent.


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