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Genre: Real-time Strategy
Platforms: PC
Release Date: 2001
Developer: Joymax
Publisher: Smacker Video Technology

Not to be confused with Aatrox, the League of Legends champion. This was the 1800th page on Crappy Games Wiki!

Atrox is a clone made of the original StarCraft game. While it isn't necessarily exceptionally bad, that is due to the fact that it uses many of the exact same engines and unit statistics of StarCraft 1.

Bad Qualities

  1. Unlike Starcraft, the units do not run on a grid system, meaning that some units (especially airborne ones) will lock together and become hard to micromanage.
  2. Poor sound effect quality
  3. Goofy/bad voice acting
  4. AI is barely challenging, and will keep units clustered together, meaning any surrounding attack can wipe them out very easily.
  5. Resource levels are harder to make out (Mineral Fields do not shrink as easily, so it's harder to keep track of available resources).
  6. Cutscenes are horrid.

Good Qualities

  1. Has good music.
  2. Has decent unit animations.
  3. (Subjective) Units are relatively to scale (I.E. Tanks are the size of tanks, Buildings are the size buildings should be).
  4. Graphics (outside of cutscenes) are actually very good.